10 Kickass Weapons You Can Make At Home

In a do or die situation, sometimes you just have to improvise.

By using whats in and around you person and your home, you can stand and protect what's yours.

Here we have a kickass selection of homemade weapons that you can throw together on a budget. Most of them can be made from items lying around the house and in no time at all you can have a homemade defensive weapon to beat off the bad guys.

1) Homemade Pepper Spray

This homemade pepper spray is super easy to make and requires very little equipment. If you want to pack more of a punch, just add more chilli and pepper powder!
This stuff stings like heck when sprayed directly into the eyes and is very effective. There’s a reason our law enforcement officer carry it with them.

2) PVC Bow

Homemade PVC Bow
There has been a barrage of DIY PVC projects lately and the number of weapons spawned from PVC is amazing.
This PVC bow is cheap to assemble and you will have a bow that shoots true at the end of it.

3) Easy Build Heavy Duty Slingshot

Homemade Slingshot
If you’re going to make a slignshot, make a heavy duty one. You can make one like in the mage above by taking a quick trip to your local DIY store and picking up a few items.
The metal construction makes this thing practically bombproof,  and it can be upgraded at a later date when needed.

4) Paracord Bullwhip

Paracord Bull Whip
Lets face it, any prepper or survivalist has a ton of paracord hanging around. It is super strong and has a ton of uses outside of the normal paracord bracelet.  This instructable shows how you can make a paracord bullwhip which is a great tool for keeping would-be attackers at a good distance away.

5) Throwing Spikes

Homemade Throwing Spikes
A Shuriken is a concealed throwing tool invented by the Japaneese, the Bo Shurikens is typically known as a Throwing Spike in the Western world.
This weapon is eay to make out of everyday DIY nails, they are light weight and can be thrown using a number of techniques – all of which are an artform in themselves. You’ll want to practice before you need them in a survival situation!

6) Blunt Ninja Striking Weapon (Kubotan)

Homemade Kubotan
Knocking an attacker out is something we all think we can do. However if you’ve ever watched any real street fights on YouTube you will see it’s not that easy unless you are trained.
One way around this is to use a simple blunt force weapon such as this Kubaton, to strike your attacker and render then unconscious whilst you make your escape.

7) Stun Grenade

Homemade Stun Grenade
Want to make an effective military type weapon from your pantry?
Using PVC couplings and some baking products you can construct a weapon that can be used to escape and evade.

8) Multifunctional Pocket Tools

Homemade EDC Carry
EDC (Everyday Carry) is an important part of being a Prepper. This instructable shows you how to construct several unique tools to kep on your person. They are easily disguised and can come in handy in the SHTF situation.

9) Homemade Taser Gun

Probably the least leathal of our ten weapons here today. However a fun project non-the-less.
Making a simple taser gun from a bug swatter is a cool and fun project to get you started on your way to making some hard core badass weapons.

10) DIY Wooden Crossbow

Homemade Crossbow
Fancy killing zombies like Daryl in The Walking Dead? Using bits of wood and string you can construct your very own leathal crossbow for a fraction of the cost of an after market bow.


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