10 Primary Threats to the Power Grid (and how you can prepare for the worst)

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It’s winter again and it makes me chuckle inside when I see people that are taken by surprise. Some people aren’t like you and me.

Power outages are a real threat in winter weather - there are ALWAYS power outages with any snow storm.

We have Winter Storm Kari bringing even more snow to an already battered New England. And, Kari comes on the heels of Winter Storm Juno. (Yep, Juno wasn’t nearly as strong as they predicted but it still put snow on the ground.)

Now, I don’t know much about naming snow storms but I can tell you when one hits, I’m ready for it and you should be, too.

Let’s look at some other major threats to our delicate power grid.

1. Severe Storms

Pretty much any storm creates power outages in its wake. Whether it’s from tree branches that break and fall on power lines or the wind itself knocking them down, our electrical distribution network is extremely vulnerable to the weather.


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  • Philip Hannuksela Aug 22, 2018, 1:44 pm

    So why have we allowed thorium research for I re fifty years? Edward Teller step got urged in 1957 that solutions to the corrosion problem be pursued since thorium power did not require high pressure cooling, the accumulation. of much high level waste, or fuel for nuclear weapons. Also, it could be locally scaled, and it could co sume already produced highly toxic isotopes with long half-lives. It is so abundant,Teller and the head of Oak Ridge maintained. before Nixon(actually Kissinger) fired him for budgetary reasons, ostensibly, in 1973. Cheap energy and cheap. public bankin could now be promoting the economy with local industry as well as removing the major source of military conflict, for all we know. It was the petroleum industry and their big bank and military industry allies that nuclear power after Eisenhower favored Atoms For Peace. We could likely have developed that program with thorium if we allowed public value its proper place as befitting its crucial historical place in growing our economy.