12 Awesome Bug Out Vehicles You Wish You Owned

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1) The Most High-Tech RV Ever Built

Kiravan7 Kiravan6 Kiravan5 Kiravan4 Kiravan3 Kiravan2

High Tech RV

Built to take his daughter camping, this high-tech RV has everything you could possibly want…including the kitchen sink. From solar panels to waste management, voice commands and a built-in situational awareness system that can detect oncoming dangers.

Via: Wired

2) MotoPed


The Motoped has the benefit of both pedal and engine power. A cross hybrid of a bicycle, a motorcycle and a dirt bike that can take you places one of the other cannot.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t need a licence or plates to use on the road due to its engine size. With speeds of 24-48 mph, you can go as fast as a car on normal roads and then hop off-road when it’s gridlocked.

The survival model can reach up to 400 miles on a single gas tank…no that’s impressive. With a price range of $2,899 – $3,499 it’s not a crazy amount to pay either.

Via: MotoPed

3) Motorized Kayak

Mokai-Kayak1 Mokai-Kayak2 Mokai-Kayak3

These awesome kayaks have an engine that provides the best of both worlds, a boat and manual rowing power. They come in various sections for easy storage and assembly and as you can see from the images above, the stack well on top of your truck and can bring in quite a haul…!

Via: Mokai

4) Survivor Truck

survivor-truck-Right-Front Survivor-Truck-just-truck

The truck before

Survivor-Truck-camper-interior Survivor-Truck-front-door Survivor-Truck-sketch Survivor-Truck Survivor-Truck-camo

The survivor truck is an absolute beast that has stealth camping and bugging out as a primary concern. What started its life out as a simple white flatbed truck, because this camo wrecking machine good enough for any Zombie apocalypse.

Via: truckcampermagazine

5) Ambulance Expedition Vehicle

Ambulance-Expedition-3 Ambulance-Expedition-1 Ambulance-Expedition-2 Ambulance-Expedition

I love this design. Turning an everyday ambulance into a self-contained, offroad RV Expedition truck that really looks the part. With ladders, lights, racks and tools, not forgetting the pull-out shower unit on the side – this bug out truck will keep you going when you really need it.

Via six13metalworks

6) DIY Bug Out Trailer

1Bug-Out-Trailer 2Bug-Out-Trailer 3Bug-Out-Trailer





If you already have a truck or bug out vehicle and are looking to add some additional storage space, then this trailer design could be what you’re looking for. You can pick these up from Military auctions and your run of the mill camping stores.

Of course, you need to add you own gun turrets and give it a nice lick of paint. What’s more is you could turn this into a stealth trailer by using the same color as your everyday vehicle. You’d look just like a family going on vacation.

Via: survivalistboards

7) The RV Truck

Truck RV

This truck is absolutely huge and is more like a home on wheels. The best bit about this truck/RV, aside form the full blown short and bedrooms, living room and storage facilities…THE QUAD.

As you can see above, the quad sits on a hydraulic cargo ramp and fits inside the back of the vehicle out of sight from prying eyes. Genius!

8) Bike With Sidecar

Bike With Side Car

Going old school here and if there is just the two of you who would need to bug out, or just you and a man’s best friend, a bike and sidecar can provide a surprisingly decent bug out vehicle.

The obvious benefits are both the storage space on the side-car and also the range one of these will have. You will get hundreds and hundreds of miles on these things without having to fill up the tank.

9) Jeep Wrangler 4×4 Sahara

1-Jeep-Wrangler-4x4-Sahara 2-Jeep-Wrangler-4x4-Sahara 3-Jeep-Wrangler-4x4-Sahara 4-Jeep-Wrangler-4x4-Sahara 5-Jeep-Wrangler-4x4-Sahara 6-Jeep-Wrangler-4x4-Sahara

Take one Jeep Wrangler, and make it even better. The simple use of racks and attachment points on this vehicle means that it maintains it’s urban dad look whilst having the capacity to get you and your family out of dodge.

Via: tactical-life

10) “The Raptor” – Toyota FJ Cruiser

6-The-Raptor 1-The-Raptor 2-The-Raptor 3-The-Raptor 4-The-Raptor 5-The-Raptor

This Cruiser, nickenamed ”

The Raptor” was actually posted for sale on a forum and someone, not surprisingly, snapped it up. The owner spent over $70 getting this vehicle to his exact spec and documented it all.

It’s an absolute beast of a machine and has everything you would need in a SHTF event.

Via: fjcruiserforums

11) “No Gas Needed” Pedal Bike

Pedal Bike

This is the simplest and cheapest bug out option in this list. The humble push bike can take you as far as your legs can cycle. The pannier racks and upgraded gears and chain mean it can take a good amount of abuse too. One addition I would make to this would be a comfy, super-padded, gel seat cover!

12) Camo Bugout Trailer

1-camo-trailer 2-camo-trailer 3-camo-trailer 4-camo-trailer 5-camo-trailer 6-camo-trailer 7-camo-trailer

Another bug out trailer, this time with full living quarters, guns, winch and many more added extras. This is a great idea if you want to use it for camping trips and have it as a backup for emergencies.

I have see a similar design constructed using a horse box/trailer. The high ceilings make it perfect to stand up in and go about your every day activities.

Via: ziggyshelters

Now it’s your turn…  Have you seen an awesome bug out vehicle? Let us know in the comments below!

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