14 Utterly Cool Campfire Recipes

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14 Utterly Cool Campfire RecipesHaving the means and the ability to create fire in a survival situation is important. Having the knowledge of how to cook on the campfire can go a long way to keeping yourself and your family happy when times get tough…or even if they don’t.

These 14 utterly cool campfire recipes are designed to be easy to prepare, simple to cook and most of all be heart warming, belly filling and full of deliciousness.

It’s Not All About Survival

One of the key things to do when your in a situation that calls for your preps, is to use them wisely. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead and stock survival food items that can be used on the camp fire. This will make your job so much easier when crunch-time comes a’knocking.

With that being said, it doesn’t all have to be about survival and preparedness. Most of us love nothing more than cooking on a open flame in the outdoors with family and friends.

This article embraces that and we’ve conjured up some delights for you to try on your next campfire cooking session!

Campfire Breakfast Potatoes


Source: DirtyGourmet.com


Campfire Dutch Oven Chili

[Photograph: Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Source: SeriousSeats.com


Campfire Nachos

Campfire Nachos Recipe

Source: Phoo-d.com


Breakfast Burritos


Source: littlefamilyadventure.com


Grilled Banana S’mores


Source: 365ishpins.com


Bailey’s Dipped Toasted Marshmallows

Bailey’s Dipped Toasted Marshmallows

Source: dabblesandbabbles.com


Blue Cheese Filled Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms

Blue Cheese Filled Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms

Source: laurenslatest.com


Apple Pie In A Can

Apple Pie In A Can Camp Cooking

Source: adventures-in-cooking.com


Campfire Cake In An Orange

Campfire Cakes With Oranges

Source: themetapicture.com

Camping Quesadillas

camping quesadillas

Source: cupcakediariesblog.com


Dutch Oven Beefy Taco Bake

Dutch Oven Beefy Taco Bake

Source: familycampingchat.com


Muffin Tin Bacon & Eggs

Muffin Tin Bacon and Eggs

Source: oldwoodfiregrill.com


Campfire Stuffed Onions

stuffed onions

Source: thenibble.com


What are your favorite campfire recipes?

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