4 Ways To Develop Your Survival Skills

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When it comes to survival skills, being prepared may not be enough when push comes to shove. Before a disaster or crisis happens, you should develop your skills to ensure that you will know exactly how you are going to handle the situation when it comes down to it. Following are four ways to develop your skills right now.

1. Go Off The Grid Occasionally

We are all spoiled with modern technology, and when a crisis happens, it will be quite a shock to most people who have not practiced living off the grid. The truth is that many disasters have the potential to knock out your power, gas, and water. You may even end up heading towards the woods during a disaster.

You may have all the supplies need to survive, but that will not give you the experience necessary to deal with going off the grid both mentally and physically.

Therefore, set aside some weekends to create your own situation where the grid goes out. Remove all modern conveniences, including your gadgets. You will quickly realize that life is very different in this situation, and your ability to adapt will strengthen each time you do it. Another bonus is that any mistakes you make during this time can be learned from and will help you perfect your plan for an actual crisis.

2. Journal Your Progress As You Prepare

Journaling has long been known to be therapeutic, but it also has an additional benefit. It improves your episodic memory (memory of events). This is not the same as memory of information, and it can be very valuable when an actual crisis occurs.

Therefore, when you practice your skills and then journal your experiences, you are developing your episodic memory and remembering exactly how it felt to do the stuff you did and what worked and what didn’t. Because of this, you will have less reaction time during a crisis and more action time, which could mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

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3. Learn Less Talked About Survival Skills

There are certain crisis situations that may be relevant to your home, such as floods or hurricanes, and you may have your emergency plan in place for those types of events. But, the likelihood that something else will occur, that you don’t plan for, is always going to be there. Therefore, make sure you learn all you can about survival in order to be prepared for anything.

There are many survival skills that you have probably never thought of. For instance, do you have carpentry as a survival skill? Do you know how to garden? Can you barter and sell? Do you know how to read a map? Do you have great organizational skills? All of these skills will help you survive any kind of situation, and they are equally as important as more talked about skills.

The more you learn, about every aspect of survival, the more you will understand what it really takes to survive. All situations are different and require different resources, but your mind is always the common denominator between all crisis situations, and the more information you have packed in there, the more information you have at your disposal to survive.

4. Take A Survival Course

If you really want to put your skills to the test in an extreme situation without the risk of serious injury, take a hands-on course that challenges you beyond what you think you can do. A survival course will not only teach you how to survive, it will get you to practice what you learn in an environment that is conducive to survival, which is priceless as far as experience goes.

In the end, you can always benefit from developing your skills at survival. If you use the above four techniques to develop your survival skills, then you will be much more prepared in the event of a crisis.


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