5 Great Bushcraft & Backcountry Survival YouTube Channels

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The thing I love about survival and preparedness is that there is always something new to learn. I honestly never stop learning.

I am always on the scout out for YouTube videos to learn a new skill, I try to watch and practice at least 2 new skills per week.

Along my journey I have come across some amazing channels from not only very talented and skilled people in survival and preparedness, but also skilled with a camera.

It's not easy to document and record your journey and skills, trust me, I've tried it and it came out awful.

"Best leave it to the professionals I thought..."

Which is why I wrote this article. To recognise some great YouTube channels that I frequently watch and learn from, week after week.​

If you're planning a trip into the backcountry anytime soon and are looking for tips and tricks that will make your stay that much more comfortable, then these 5 great YouTube channels will certainly have you covered.

From tarp setup to the correct use of your axe, fire lighting to extreme winter camping. whatever it is you are looking to brush up on, you'll find it here.

As we always say:

Knowledge Weighs Nothing

Lets take a look at 5 bushcraft and backcountry YouTube channels we recommend:


I really enjoy Joe’s videos for a number of reasons. First off he’s very laid back like myself and I can relate to him well, despite never speaking to him!

He goes on some wild trips with his dog scout (which is the second reason I enjoy his stuff as taking your dog along on your trips is great fun!). He also records everything and gets some great shots that make you want to get outdoors and have some adventures of your own.

If I’m ever lacking in enthusiasm for getting outdoors, I flick on a few of his videos and it gets me in the mood to get out there.



Google Plus:


The Survival Lilly channel is actually quite unique in that, as you may have guessed from the name, is owned and run by a lady, which is rare when it comes to Bushcraft channels.

Survival Lilly covers many different topics I know you guys will find interesting, from Bushcraft and camp-craft, to hunting and outdoor survival.

She also covers many different reviews of gear available for the outdoors and goes into detail on how to use them.

A great channel and lots of videos to get lost in!



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MCQBushcraft is run by a UK based outdoorsman who has created one of the most popular channels in this top 10 list.

The channel is dedicated to teaching and learning more about our surroundings and getting closer to nature by getting out there and living it.

He covers a wide range of edible plants too and is a great resource for preppers looking to improve their knowledge of wild edibles.





The first time I came across the IA Woodsman channel was when searching for a cold weather tarp setup for an upcoming trip I had planned.

We were expecting snow and I wanted something a little more sturdy than the usual paracord ridge line.

The videos are both easy to follow and very informative and make each skill seem very easy…until you get out there and try it for yourself that is. Only then do you realise how much practice has gone into creating and developing these skills.

A great channel with lots of content around bushcrafting.



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The sintax77 channel, despite the stange name is a combination of anything and everything outdoors. From hiking and backpacking, to bushcraft and survival.

If you’re looking for adventure and self reliance, from someone who gets out there and practices what he teaches, then this channel is for you.

From snow capped mountain hikes, to complete run-down gear reviews and excellent how-to’s. This channel has it all and the guy that runs it is easy to watch and a good laugh too.








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