5 Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches

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fireFire is a vital component in a survival situation. You can stay warm and avoid hypothermia. Wild and dangerous animals can be fended away just by having the fire burning. You can boil water to drink. You can cook food which is obviously very important (Rule of 3s).

In a survival situation, starting a fire is often your #1 priority. Period.

It is important to have many options for starting a fire since the conditions can vary widely. You may have matches if you brought the emergency bag from your car. Or, if you were on a boat and didn’t have your own gear, you may have very different constraints.

Here are 5 ideas to put in your mental toolbox.

The Bow Drill

This is a simple concept and one we’ve all seen before. Basically, you are rubbing two sticks together!

Using a bow drill is pretty easy but you have to practice, both with building the hardware AND with the mechanics of using the bow.

Fire with a Cell Phone

This is a cool way to start a fire with a cell phone. It is essentially using a battery with steel wool…so you can adapt to any battery you have on hand.

Brake Fluid / Chlorine Chemical Reaction Fire

Prison Lighter From a Bubble Gum Wrapper

This is a very cool way to start a fire with a couple common items that you can find at the checkout counter of the supermarket. It is a play on the same idea as the steel wool fire.

Reflector from a flashlight

Here is a straightforward way use a reflector that you may have around…and you can improvise as needed. For example you may be able to get a reflector from a car headlight instead.

I hope you got some good ideas from these videos. The key thing is that you do need to get out there and practice!

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