8 Survival Uses For a Soda Can

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Soda cans  are everywhere which is a little sad when you see trash out in the wilderness. However, as a prepper, maybe we can turn that into  a silver lining…

It turns out that a simple soda can (or a “Coke” can, as  we say down here in the South!) can be super useful in a survival situation.

Be careful with the sharp metal edges! I cut myself a tiny bit on one of the edges while I was testing out these projects.

  1. Tea Light Candle Holder and Reflector – Tea lights are super cheap so they are perfect to have around the house for when the power goes out. The can will keep the tea light shielded from the wind and generally protected, while the reflector will help direct the light where it is needed.
  2. Oil Lamp and Stove – This one is super easy and requires no modifications.
  3. Penny Can Stove – This kind of stove is definitely more involved than some of the other projects but it really works well! (Here is a great video of Penny Can Alcohol Stove – Quick How To and Lighting Demonstration.)
  4. Survival Whistle – I never realized how well a little whistle like this works. I recently heard a story about a lost hiker in Glacier National Park that could here his rescuers but couldn’t signal them back. If he only had a whistle to blow back, it would have saved him from spending another night out in the park with the bears and mountain lions.
  5. Hanger – You can use the tab on the top as a hanger. Attach it to paracord to utilize the hanger any way you want. (Check out more paracord projects here.)
  6. Fish Hook – This is a respectable fish hook considering the constraints. Add it to your survival fishing kit.
  7. Signaling Mirror – You may need to improvise a way to polish the bottom of the can, but you can use clay, sand, or dirt to get the job done.
  8. Fire Starter – If you have a very shiny can, then this can work. I would turn to this method of firestarting as a last resort after trying several more methods.

Here is a video by the SensiblePrepper on Youtube that outlines the uses.

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