‘Mountain Man’ John

Would you be happy to purchase ammo from a vending machine? What if your club installed such a vending machine for you to purchase all kinds of munitions freely? Well in Pennsylvania, the Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club, have done just that. Installed inside of a gun range which can only be accessed via [...]

Many websites and channels glamorize the prepping and survival community. In fact, if a friend or family member hears you mention “being prepared”, they respond with… “Oh you’re one of those ‘Doomsday Preppers’ I’ve seen on TV” Like it or loath it, that show has encouraged many people to get into preparedness. The trouble is, [...]

One of the key essentials to being well prepared is to have the knowledge and skills you will need to survive. There is a saying amongst us Preppers and Survivalists: Knowledge Weighs Nothing Whether you’re going to be bugging out or holed up in a bunker, your knowledge and skills will be put to the test in a SHTF [...]

Firewood is a wonderful asset to have for the prepared survivalist. You’re not reliant on electricity or gas to heat your house, you can cook on a wood stove or over a fire, and there’s certainly something special about watching, hearing and smelling a nice wood fire. Taking good care of your firewood is an [...]

When it comes to emergency preparedness it’s very easy to tell ourselves that we’ll do it tomorrow. That the likelihood of a natural disaster in our neighborhood is almost nothing. It doesn’t however, take a natural disaster to wipe out the power and leave you stranded in your own home or in your vehicle. If [...]

Whether you’ve taken the leap or are just thinking about it, raising chickens is a great way to become more self-sufficient. Chickens are a wonderful introductory livestock animal, and can provide you with an ongoing supply of eggs or meat. But raising chickens, especially in colder areas, comes with the responsibility of properly caring for [...]

Electronics. Freeze Drying. Material Sciences. Today’s modern-day technologies have made being prepared for short-term and long-term survival easier than ever. Unfortunately, electronics need a constant energy source, freeze dried food is not always on hand, and lightweight materials eventually wear out. Though today’s sciences have made survival easier, it would behoove us all to keep [...]

In a do or die situation, sometimes you just have to improvise.By using whats in and around you person and your home, you can stand and protect what’s yours.Here we have a kickass selection of homemade weapons that you can throw together on a budget. Most of them can be made from items lying around [...]

If you’re into survival gadgets, then no doubt you’ve seen the Paracord Bracelet. A simple product with a multitude of uses. [thrive_highlight highlight=’default’ text=’light’]Check out our massive list of 101 Paracord Projects.[/thrive_highlight] Chances are you may have bought one from Ebay or Amazon, the trouble is these are generally crappy quality and just don’t fit [...]

Survival is about a lot of things, but having food and making sure you can keep finding food in the event of prolonged survival situations is critical. You could be as macho as Han Solo on Hoth, but you’ll still need some know-how in order to survive. Luckily, these tips don’t involve slicing open a [...]

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