‘Mountain Man’ John

The best handheld GPS for hunting that we want you to know about are specified below. GPS (Global Positioning System), has found its way into all aspects of our lives, in our cars, wristwatches and cellular phones. It is most definitely one of the greatest inventions of the last century. Getting lost is a thing [...]

Best hikes in ga This is our opinion about the best hikes in GA! Famous for southern hospitality, sweet iced tea, and America’s hidden gem in terms of pristine and iconic hiking trails. In many ways, Georgia is the birthplace of America’s hiking heart. After all, the infamous Appalachian Trail starts in Georgia. It only [...]

The right hiking boots is crucial to your enjoyment and comfort when bushwalking and hiking all year round. A boot that is too rigid and heavy makes the exercise a strain, and one that fits poorly leaves you with bruises and blisters on aching feet. The point of hiking is to enjoy the experience, not [...]

 When you first get into CrossFit, slapping on a pair of “gym shoes” and heading off to class is fine. But when you start to get serious and find yourself showing up at your CrossFit box of choice on the regular, you definitely want to start thinking seriously about what you put on your feet. [...]

Let’s start with the obvious: What is a ghillie suit? If you don’t know, chances are you probably don’t need one, but just in case. A ghillie suit is camouflage. But this is camouflage that went to college. It’s not just green and beige patterns on canvas. No, this is the suit that makes you [...]

In summer, does the thought of putting on socks and hiking boots just make you sweat? Me too. Thank goodness for hiking sandals. Durable enough to handle the trails but super breathable and no socks required!  We present you the best hiking sandals for women. There’s always the question of whether to go with open-toed [...]

You ask why do you need the best bike floor pump? Do you know how much harder it is to get up a hill with half-inflated tires on your bike? Well maybe I don’t know the specific science numbers, but let’s just say it’s a lot harder. Correct tire pressure should be the first and the [...]

Best hiking trails in NC You can basically guarantee two things about hikers. 1) They love the outdoors, and 2) They love experiencing the outdoors in new and inquisitive ways. The trails of North Carolina provide all of this and more to the hiker itching to get out of the door and onto the trail. [...]

Best Place to Hike in Idaho Idaho! The land of the Idaho Potato. But also, the land of beautiful mountains and lush landscape. If you are caught off guard by this, you aren’t alone. I too once thought Idaho was a barren land with nothing to offer other than high carb potato spuds. It turns [...]

I’m not here to solve the debate over full suspension vs. hardtail. It basically depends whether you want shock absorption on just the front forks (hardtail) or suspension in the front and back (full suspension). Generally, due to having more moving parts, full suspension bikes tend to be spendier. If you’re willing to stand up [...]

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