‘Mountain Man’ John

There are some incredible benefits to backpacking, but none are greater than the amazing views that you get to see when you get deep into the wilderness. From star and moonlit mountain peaks to high elevations with picture perfect views of the world around us. It is safe to say that these are the moments [...]

Fishing has always been a common activity in the world of outdoor sports. Not only is it relaxing and fun, but it also is an action that serves one of our most basic needs, food. Even considering the popularity that this sport has enjoyed throughout history, the advancements in fishing technology allow it to be [...]

The best water filter for backpacking is something that you need when traveling. Water on the trail is not something to play around with, and quite literally comes down to do or die. Making sure there’s a sustainable water source is only half the battle, and that’s usually left up to mother nature. The rest [...]

If you are a hiker, then you understand the importance of having the best daypacks for hiking to accompany you on your trips. A daypack is considered an essential piece of gear, so when you purchase one there are several considerations you should make including what the specific use for the pack will be and [...]

Best Places to Hike in Ohio In this post we present you the best places to hike in Ohio. A while back, I was travelling. I’d brought a decent amount of gear with me (It’s just something I do. Don’t judge.) so when I had any extra time, I used it to get out there, [...]

The weekends are meant for getaways. We know, you’ve gone 100 miles per hour from Monday to Friday, and now it’s time to escape the office, the city, and find some stars to sleep under. In a hurry to find out more?  Click here to see my favorite camping stove at Amazon. Sure many people [...]

Supination, or Under-pronation, is the bane of many long-distance runners. Whether you are engaged in the odd fun run or charity event, or a dedicated athlete, the stress supination puts on your joints can cause long-term harm, and serious injury. At the very least it leads to protracted discomfort and inferior performance. The problem presents [...]

Let’s take a second to imagine a scenario. In this scenario, you are on the Appalachian Trail, and you reach Mcaffee Knob Overlook in Virginia. The weather is beautiful, the sun is setting, and while you are sitting there taking in the beauty of the world around you, you realize that you are going to [...]

When you are camping or hiking in the backwoods, there is a lot of equipment that you will need to have to have an enjoyable experience. One thing that cannot be overlooked is a sleeping pad because of this we would like to present you some options about the best sleeping pads. Best Sleeping Pads [...]

Hiking is a fun way to explore new territory, enjoy the outdoors, and get some exercise. But when you hike you will be expending a lot of energy, especially if you go to areas with a higher difficulty of terrain. If you want to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients to stay energized [...]

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