‘Mountain Man’ John

There’s a reason ‘going west’ is so close to the heart of American culture and history, and a quick look at the best big sur hikes on the California coast will all the more help you understand why the western United States is so treasured by outdoor and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re after pristine [...]

The best bike chain lube will help you avoid every bikers worst dream. Even from our early years of riding our childhood bikes through the neighborhood we remember the disastrous pop and clunk associated with a busted bike chain usually followed by a long push home. Even then it was obvious, a bad chain leads [...]

Biking can be an incredibly fun sport/hobby to take up, at but it can also be an expensive endeavor. If you do a lot of riding you can expect to need to do a significant amount of maintenance on your bike as well. So we want to present you the best bike repair stands. Anyone [...]

What’s better than nights under the stars, days on the trail, and summiting mountains to well-earned vistas? Experiencing the trail, mountains, and nature with someone using the best 2 person sleeping bag!  Getting outdoors can do wonders for the introverted soul and contemplative loner, but adventuring can, and often should, be shared as well, and [...]

Sometimes when you’re deep into backcountry, chasing waterfalls, fording rivers, summiting mountains, and experiencing vistas that take your breath away, the hardest thing is keeping it to yourself.  Sure, we live in an age where whipping out a cell phone and snapping a quick photo is enough to help preserve the memory, but accurately conveying [...]

We would like to present you the best camelbak for running. What is a camelbak? A Camelbak is a hands-free hydration pack or water bottle, that was invented by Michael Edison in 1989, when he was competing in the “Hotter ‘n Hell 100” bike race in Wichita Falls, Texas.  The original Camelbak was made from [...]

This is a review about the best GPS watch for Hiking. GPS (Global Positioning System) has come a long way since the development of the technology started way back during the space race of the 1960’s as the United States wanted a way of tracking satellites. With military backing, the research into GPS technology continued [...]

Check our opinion about the best hiking boot brands. Nothing is going to ruin your hike faster than poor quality hiking boots. As a hiker, you need to ensure you have the right boots for the terrain and of course offer all round protection of your feet and ankles. There are many different brands and [...]

Hiking is a pastime enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the world on their days off work, weekends or holidays. Hiking trails dot the landscape and enthusiasts enjoy the fresh air, scenic views and of course get a good cardio workout at the same time. Good preparation and equipment for your hiking excursion is essential. [...]

Whether you are new to hiking or a seasoned veteran of the sport, having the right tools is essential, an often-overlooked accessory is the hiking backpack. When setting out on your hike, be it a short hike or an all-day excursion, first and foremost is to consider your safety requirements. Every hiker should carry these [...]

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