‘Mountain Man’ John

After a long hard day trekking through the woods or along your favorite trail, nothing is more enjoyable than sitting by the fire sipping a hot drink and reminiscing about the day’s events. Exhausted yet satisfied you bid your companions good night roll out your sleeping bag a get some sleep. Or you would if [...]

Sleeping pads are often used in combination with a sleeping bag to provide the user with a more comfortable place to sleep that provides additional insulation and padding. There are several different types of sleeping pads available including air sleeping pads, self-inflating sleeping pads, and closed-cell foam sleeping pads. Air Pads Air pads are the [...]

This is a post about the best beginner’s climbing shoe that you can find. Shoe Rock climbing is an activity enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts all over the world, and being a physically and mentally challenging sport it is essential to have the right gear. If you are new to the sport of rock climbing choosing the [...]

If you plan to go hiking, the best investment you can make is a good pair of hiking boots. That does mean you have to blow your budget on your hiking boots when there is lots of gear that is needed for a good hiking expedition. You can still get quality hiking boots that are [...]

Part of the beauty of hiking is venturing off into unknown territory, the excitement and adventure of the unknown are something that has followed us throughout history. But while it is exciting to explore the unknown, it is a good idea to be prepared for those moments that your map and compass aren’t enough to [...]

So I didn’t know this earlier, but apparently, in some circles of the hunting community a GPS is not considered a necessary tool. I’d like to present you with an argument as to why that is not the case. A lot of people seem to think that hunting is something out of shape beer guzzling middle-aged [...]

You have your tent, your pad and your sleeping bag. What’s left? A pillow. Just head on into your bedroom and grab one off the bed, right? Not so much. You haven’t shaved off ounces and inches from all your backpacking gear just to bulk up on a granny pillow. And even if you’re not [...]

The summer months are finally here, which means it is time to take a break from the office and daily stresses of modern living. For me, one of the best ways to do this is to get outside and spend some time with mother nature.  One activity I particularly enjoy is hiking, the scenes you [...]

It’s true. You could bring nothing more than freeze dried meals and turkey jerky when you backpack. And you’d survive. But it’s gonna get real old, real quick. To keep your tastebuds and stomach interested in your camping endeavor, cook yourself some food. Now obviously that doesn’t mean raiding your mom’s kitchen and coming away [...]

Every backpacker knows, when it comes to great trekking, climbing, or just enjoying a weekend out, every ounce is a precious commodity. We often have to sacrifice comfort in the name of saving weight on our back, and we all too often leave something at home that would have made our camp stay just a [...]

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