Avoiding a Terrorist Attack in Your Town

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Between the rise of ISIS, our enmity with other terrorist organizations and the number of illegal aliens who have entered the country through our porous southern border, the risk of terrorist attack seems to be growing by the day.

Actually, I think we’re overdue for one and the only reason it hasn’t happened is that our enemies want to make sure they have enough assets in place to accomplish multiple attacks at the same time.

To me, it seems like the terrorists will attempt something that will require hitting multiple areas of the country at the same time.

That could be shooting down several airplanes near airports, shooting up several shopping malls in different cities or even bringing in Ebola victims and starting the disease spreading in a number of different parts of the country.

It could lead to a SHTF scenario in major metropolises.

Any attack that hits multiple areas at once is going to be more effective. Not only will the body count be higher, but it will spread fear all across the country.

People will no longer be able to say that they’re safe because of where they live. Fear and unrest will spread, which is just what the terrorists want.

So, how do you avoid becoming part of this debacle? I suppose you could buy some land in Montana and become a hermit; but that doesn’t match most people’s lifestyle.

Most of us live in cities and towns, which means that we live in potential target areas. So we’re going to have to develop other strategies to protect ourselves.

Avoid Crowds

Terrorists, like mass killers are after body count. The more victims they can take out, the more of an impact it makes. They don’t want to hit somebody’s house and take out a family, they want to hit a sporting event or shopping mall.

Somewhere that they can kill dozens or even hundreds of victims. Muslim terrorists especially want to kill women, as those women will have to “serve them” in paradise.

If you’re not part of the crowd, you can’t become one of the victims. The best place to be when a terrorist attacks is somewhere else. Make that your destination.

If you have to go to the mall or somewhere else that has a crowd, do whatever you can to get done and get our as quickly as possible.

Keep Your Head on a Swivel

If you have to go out and especially if you have to go into a crowd, keep your head on a swivel. Make sure that you’re aware of everything that’s going on around you. Look at what people are carrying, making sure that you pay special attention to anything gun sized in their hands.

They probably won’t have a naked gun in their hands until the very last second before shooting, but they might have a gun sized package in their hands. If you see such a package, keep your eyes on it.

If you spot anyone acting suspiciously, move away from them, trying to keep an eye on them as you do. By moving away, you reduce the chances of them shooting you, as there will be other targets closer to them.

By keeping an eye on them, you’ll have a few seconds notice of what they are about to do.

That few seconds can be critical. It gives you a chance to react, before the shooting starts or the bomb goes off. Even if all that you have time to do is hit the dirt, at least you make yourself a poor target by doing so.

Always Go Armed

If you don’t have a concealed carry license, get one. Terrorists and mass murderers are effective, because they are the only one armed, shooting at a bunch of unarmed victims. By carrying, you give yourself the ability to defend yourself.

Terrorists aren’t expecting armed people in their target population; so, when you pull out your gun, you’ve got the element of surprise.

Doing so at the right moment, when they aren’t looking at you, might just give you the chance to shoot them while they are looking away, neutralizing the risk to yourself and saving the lives of everyone around you.

But if you don’t have a gun, you don’t have that opportunity. Here are some ideas for homemade weapons, too.

Keep Track of What’s Going On

The news is your friend, if you use it wisely. Granted, there’s a lot of garbage on the news that you really don’t want to hear, but you can also find that the news will have notices of what terrorists are doing.

So, if there’s an attack going on, you’ll hear about it. Using a radio to hear the news, rather than a MP3 player to hear your favorite music, can give you notice about what’s happening.

Even better than a radio is a police scanner. You can be sure that any terrorist attack will be broadcast over police radio. In fact, it will be broadcast over police radio so much, that it will sound like multiple attacks are happening at the same time.

Take your time deciphering what they are saying, and within ten minutes you’ll have  a better picture of what’s happening than anyone else does. Then, just go the other way.

Keep in Touch

Whenever you go out, make sure another family member knows you’re going, where you’re going to and how long you expect to be gone.

That way, if you don’t get back in time, they’ll have a pretty good idea to start looking for you, as well as where to start looking for you. If there’s a terrorist attack, they’ll have a pretty good idea if you’re in that area or not.

In addition to telling people where you are, call them as soon as you hear about the attack. That way, they’ll know that you are okay. Failure to take this step could leave family members worrying about you unnecessarily.

If Necessary, Flee

Your name isn’t Rambo and you don’t have to take on the terrorists yourself, even if you are armed. If you’ve got an opportunity, that’s great. But your primary responsibility is to make it home to your family, not to be a hero.

Take that shot if you can, but even better, take the chance you have to get out of Dodge, before a bullet with your name finds you.

Of course, a lot will depend upon the exact situation you find yourself in. You’ll have to make a decision whether you can fight or flee in a split second, when the time comes.

Others may try to second-guess you, but none of them will be right. You’re the one in the situation; you’re the one who knows your abilities and you’re the one who has to decide. You don’t have to make yourself a sacrifice.

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