The Best Backpacking Pillow of 2021 Reviews

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If you are looking for a great all around outdoor pillow, the Nemo Fillo is the one for you. This backpacking pillow is soft, yet it is supportive enough to satisfy people who prefer to sleep on their sides.

It is compact, and it can fold up and fit into a small grapefruit sized bag that can be taken everywhere. You can take this pillow anywhere such as on an airplane, or use it in the car, or anywhere else you may want some additional back support. This is the only travel pillow you will ever need.


One of the most appealing features of the Nemo Fillo is its unprecedented level of comfort. It has a huge 17 inch length. It inflates up to 3 inches for the comfort of side sleepers.

This pillow also sports a thick one inch layer of memory foam. The pillow is covered in soft comfortable microsuede. This is not just for comfort; the microsuede reduces the likelihood that your head will slip off the pillow while you are sleeping, unlike some other kinds of camping pillows.

Best Backpacking Pillow – Nemo Fillo


The Nemo Fillo offers you a great new outdoor support and comfort pillow in a great compact size. It is designed to accommodate front sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers so it should provide comfort and support no matter what your pillow preferences are.

Its unique air vent feature is what allows you to adjust the pillow to just the right firmness for your needs. It also offers exceptionally good support for your head, neck and back.

Easy to Use

This amazing camp pillow is just as easy to clean as it is to pack up and take with you. It can be thrown in both the washer and the dryer for cleaning. It has an outer casing you can remove and wash if you want to preserve the longevity of the foam within it.

This pillow is so easy to use because it is inflatable and blows up in just a few seconds. The air valve locks so the air cannot escape while you are laying on it. It is also very easy to take with you where-ever you go. It folds up into a small built-in stuff stack, so you do not misplace the cover in all the inevitable chaos that ensues from most camping adventures.

Features and Specifications

  • The Nemo Fillo is a camping pillow designed to offer unrivaled comfort. It is a best seller and enjoys high customer satisfaction scores.
  • The pillow is offered in a variety of colors so you can coordinate it with all of your other camping gear.
  • It features a 3”bladder for excellent height while side sleeping.
  • The pillow weighs 9.2 ounces.
  • When opened, it folds out to an impressive 17” by 4” thick.
  • It is composed of polyester microsuade and polyester jersey.
  • It is washable for easy clean up.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers love this product because the pillow feels so luxurious. They love the fact that when it’s time to head out, they can just put the pillow in its small grapefruit sized bag and head off for the day. It is also great to use when traveling.

Customers complain that this pillow is covered in crinkly plastic. It is loud and makes noise each time you move. This can tend to make it difficult for some people to sleep through the night comfortably on this pillow.

This plastic coating makes the pillow ideal for those mornings when you wake up camping only to realize it rained all night, at least your pillow will still be dry.

Customers claim that these pillows are more comfortable than those found in hotels, we are confident this is one camping pillow you will not regret buying.

Who Should Buy This Product

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This product is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast. The pillow is perfect for anyone planning to do outdoor camping or traveling. It is compact enough to fit mostly anywhere when traveling. It is extremely light weight, so you won’t even notice the extra weight. It has a special water resistant coating to protect the pillow and keep it dry, even in the most inclement weather. These features make it ideal for anyone venturing out into the great outdoors.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

It you are looking for a nice, soft, quiet travel pillow, than this may not be the best choice for you. The plastic is loud and crinkly; you may not enjoy this in a travel pillow because it is designed for inclement weather, not indoors. It is also expensive.

If you do not need a waterproof compact design, there are pillows available on the market to give you the convenience of a smaller size combined with a soft cloth exterior for comfort. You will not need one of these pillows unless you travel or enjoy outdoor activities on a regular basis.


The Nemo Fillo is one of the leading camping pillows available today. It does tend to be expensive and some customers complain that it makes a loud crinkly sound when you use it at night, but most customers were highly satisfied.

One of the biggest complaints was the price, but we feel this pillow provides very good value for the price you will pay for it. With its compact size and ability to fold up into a small pouch for ease of transportation, it is simple to bring with you no matter where your next great adventure will take you.


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