Best Base Layer for Skiing in 2021 – My Honest Review

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Best Base Layer for Skiing – ColdPruf Platinum Dual Layer

As a skier I know layering is important, especially on those winter runs when it’s so cold you can’t feel your nose. I hate feeling sweaty and constricted which is why I was happy to come across the ColdPruf Platinum dual layer base leggings.

This design lets me wear one layer instead of two so I don’t get sweaty and I don’t have to feel like the Michelin man.

They’re soft and comfortable and I’m able to move well in them. The size is pretty exact too and while I’m not that big I think it’s great that they make these in a variety of plus and long sizes too.

The best feature of these has to be the fabric. They’re made of a ring spun merino wool so they’re super soft on the outside and they have a polyester inside which is great if you’re even a little allergic to wool because it won’t touch your skin but you’ll get the warmth from it.

Merino is well-known for being the warmest fabric for a base layer. The Polyester is treated with ColdPruf technology to keep odors out (great if you hate the sports equipment smell). They come in either black or grey and also have thermachoice technology for extreme cold.

There’s no itchy tags either. The waist and ankles are gusseted which is great for keeping stray damp from creeping in without being too tight and uncomfortable.

The dual layer design is really nice because it’s like wearing two pieces of clothing in one – so you can layer without having the bulky feel of layering.

The outer layer doesn’t catch or ride up either so you’re not constantly trying to adjust yourself when moving which is much more convenient. It’s also not as warm as having two thermal layers so you’re not getting roasted as soon as you’re off piste if you don’t want to ditch the outerwear.

These are technically camping and hiking pants, but the reason they work so great for skiing is that they’re made for being active and athletic in the harshest environments.

Climbers need maximum motion so it’s important for the designs to be stitched in a way that is flexible. Most ski wear is designed like sports wear and is sleek but not necessarily as warm which is why these are better.

Features And Specifications

  • The inside layer is 100% Polyester, the outside is 70% polyester and 30% Merino Wool.
  • They are fitted and have gusseted ankles and waistband.
  • There is a huge array of sizes including plus and tall.
  • They weigh only 0.7lb
  • They come in two colors – black and heather grey.
  • They’re machine washable and dryable for convenience.
  • The material is odor resistant and thermal
  • These are dual layer for better cold resistance.
  • There are no itchy tags.
  • They make a matching crew shirt and ski socks.
  • The fabric has a wicking design that keeps your skin from feeling sweaty and is more comfortable.
  • What Customers are Saying

These are really warm and comfortable, and it’s great to only have to wear one base layer under everything rather than feeling like a sausage with multiples. The size is true as well, though the legs do adjust to a final fitted fit once they’ve been washed.

These are warm, they’re not polar vortex warm, but they’re functional for most ski conditions without making you sweaty and gross.

The real downside to these is that the collar and cuff gusset is made with the outer layer material (merino/polyester mix) which means that it can create wool itch. If you’re not allergic to wool that shouldn’t be a problem though and you can always tuck socks underneath and your shirt in at the top to prevent this.

These ColdPruf thermal pants really fit great and they’re ideal for being active without sagging or being too loose thanks to the fitted design.

I highly recommend them, especially at the price because they’re little more than the cheap-o stuff you get at Walmart and much better quality.

Who Should Buy This Product

This is ideal for skiers, hikers, climbers, and anyone who is going to be outdoors in the cold while being active and wants a base layer. While you may need a second layer if you’re going into extreme cold these are ideal for being active and in motion since they don’t pull and conform well with your body. They’re also great for someone who doesn’t want fussy technology and loves the idea of wool but not the itch. The fact that they refuse to stink is also a great bonus for a sweaty guy.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

While these are designed for men, there is a specific version designed for women as well so you don’t have to be forced to get this if it won’t fit unlike some gear which is unisex. This is also not perfect if you have a severe wool allergy as it does contain merino wool and may cause irritation, especially at the cuffs and waistband.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a US Size Chart?

The company does have a size chart but they should fit the same as your underwear with the material flush against the skin and snug rather than stretched too tight which could cause chafing.

Are there Fakes?

Yes. Some fake versions have a different blend and use cheaper cotton instead of merino wool. Make sure your tags say 70% Polyester and 30% Merino Wool blend on the outer layer.

Do these have a fly?

These have a traditional overlap and split door design.

Do these work for other activities?

These should be good for any outdoor activity in the cold like hiking, hunting, fishing, working etc and not just skiing.


These are the best base layer for skiing because they’re warm, comfortable, and they move with you. I love that they don’t smell even after you’ve worn them and that the dual layer allows you not to have to wear multiple pieces of clothing yet still have a layered warmth.

They fit great and do exactly what they’re supposed to which is why they’re so easy to recommend.

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