The Best Base Layers for Hunting in 2021 Reviewed

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The Under Armour Men’s Base 3.0 Crew Shirt is a great way to keep warm while out hunting. My other half has been using an Under Armour layer so long that his had started to fall apart and it was time to upgrade.

 Layering is the best way of keeping warm and these are made of a polyester elastane mix that isn’t compressive so it’s still comfortable Under Armour is a great brand which is why I was attracted to this because they use a lot of impressive technology in their clothes.

Best Base Layers for Hunting – Under Armour Men’s Base 3.0

The design itself is really mobile, everything about this is designed so you can move comfortably without feeling like you’re being choked or the Michelin man.

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The raglan sleeves and stitching work really well so you can move and the material itself is so thin that it doesn’t add a lot of bulk, even if you’re adding more layers with it. The design is so comfortable.

The elastane isn’t excessive since it’s only 7% but it’s enough that you feel the material “hugging” you which helps trap air so that you stay warm.

I love that it has a 4-way stretch because it allows great mobility without the itch of wool and it stays in its original shape. There’s also some fancy “flatlock” stitching which helps prevent chafing.

The wicking design is great for being outside in bad weather if anything gets past your jacket because it helps you stay dry and to keep the fabric comfortable. It also dries really quickly and helps prevent you feeling cold even when it gets damp.

This works for sweat too. The shirt has quick-dry and anti-odor and a Moisture Transport System which has a wicking nature so you never feel sweaty in it and even if you sweat it won’t smell like it.

While it’s polyester and not wool this is amazingly warm, in fact, it’s so warm you’ll only want this when it’s close to freezing outside or it gets toasty. You can get a 2.0 or 1.0 if you don’t need it this warm but in winter where we live it gets below freezing.

The fabric is heavyweight 7oz fabric and it’s 93% polyester which makes it easy to clean because it’s machine wash/dry. No buttons, no Velcro and no fuss, just plain fabric that does what it’s supposed to without having to be treated or washed a certain way which makes it so easy to care for

Features and Specifications

  • The fabric is a 97/3 Polyester/elastane construction so it moves with you.
  • It has a wicking Moisture Transport System built into the fabric to keep you dry.
  • The Anti-Odor shield stops it smelling, and is also anti-microbial.
  • It’s machine wash/dryable for convenience and there are no buttons or Velcro to catch.
  • The stitching and raglan sleeves are designed to prevent chafing and give maximum mobility.
  • The fabric is elastic but not compressive so you don’t feel suffocated.
  • It has 4 way stretch for a better range of motion.
  • It’s super warm because of the 7oz heavyweight fabric, but you can get different thicknesses so if you don’t need a 3.0 there are 2 thinner versions.
  • It’s an elasticated polyester that is fairly thin so it doesn’t add bulk when layering. Polyester also acts as a scent barrier which is perfect for hunting.
  • The fabric is designed with a negative grid inside which traps air and keeps you warm.

What Customers are Saying

This is so warm. The design is comfortable and the fabric does exactly what it needs to – keep you amazingly warm while still being comfortable.

The option for having 3 different thicknesses is great so if you don’t need it quite so warm you can opt for a different thickness but still get the same benefits. The fabric is soft and it stretches well without feeling suffocating but you’ll probably want to size up anyway.

The downside of this is that it can actually be too warm. The 3.0 is designed for extreme cold so if it’s not freezing or below then this is going to be too warm and you’re going to be sweating and uncomfortable. This is why you need to choose the right level unless you’re sure you need below freezing.

It’s used by the NYPD which is a great recommendation in itself so I feel very comfortable recommending the Under Armor Base 3.0.

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Who Should Buy This Product

This is ideal for a hunter who wants to be out in winter, or if you’re going to hunt polar bears in the Arctic because these shirts are just so warm.

They’re ideal for someone who doesn’t like a bulky fabric and who doesn’t like the constrictive feel of compression shirts. This would also be great for a winter sports person like a snowboarder as it’s got great motion flexibility.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

This is not for someone who just wants a little extra layer. The 3.0 is a really warm layer so unless you’re in Arctic or freezing temperatures this is going to be much too warm. It’s much too warm to simply wear as an undershirt at work and is designed to be outside in frigid temperatures

Commonly Asked Questions

Is it warm in Freezing/0 degree temperatures?

Yes. The 3.0 is designed specifically for freezing temperatures and providing extra warmth in the most extreme cold. If you don’t need it to be that warm there’s a 2.0 and 1.0 version which aren’t as insulating.

Does it have Thumb Loops?

Sadly no. The neck is a crew cut with raglan sleeves that reach the wrist.

How does this compare with the 2.0 and the 4.0?

This is a fairly warm base layer, it’s warmer than the 2.0 but not as warm as the 4.0. There is also a 1.0 version which is the thinnest base in this range.


The Under Armor Base 3.0 shirt is one of the best base layers for hunting. I love that it’s so warm and that it’s perfect for the really cold winters here.

The polyester fabric is convenient to clean and it’s got so many neat technical features built in. It’s so much more than just a base shirt which is great and it’s from a good trusted brand too.

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