The Best Bike Chain Lube Reviewed in 2021

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The best bike chain lube will help you avoid every bikers worst dream. Even from our early years of riding our childhood bikes through the neighborhood we remember the disastrous pop and clunk associated with a busted bike chain usually followed by a long push home.

Even then it was obvious, a bad chain leads to a bad bike, and you end up putting in more leg work than you planned on. But, we’re older now, and if you’re a cycler you’re probably a little more serious about your bike than you were when you were 10. As such, keeping your bike chain well maintained with proper lube is a must to prevent wear and damage. You need a lube that is versatile and dependable, and Clean Ride by White Lightning is just that!

Best bike chain lube

Waxy and Dry

The first thing a cyclist is faced with when it comes to choosing the right lube for their bike chain is the predicament of deciding which kind to go with. There’s dry and wet, ceramic and wax, and it’s easy to get indecisive as to which exactly fits your needs. White Lightning’s Clean Ride is a dry based wax lubricant, making it a great choice for keeping the chain clean and lubricated, especially in dry and dusty conditions.

This lube does a fantastic job at repelling road grit, and requires only occasional reapplication. In our opinion this is the better option over wet lubes, which tend to be geared towards wet conditions and act as dirt magnets in drier weather.


One of the stand out features of White Lightning’s Clean Ride lubricant is that it is self-cleaning. The lube is first applied to the chain as a liquid, but then hardens into a waxy coat. As you ride, any dirt or grime that accumulates simply flakes off with the outer layers of wax. 

A combination of Clean Ride and proper maintenance means you get less of a headache when it comes to cleaning your chain and keeping your bike in ready to ride condition. Other lubes simply keep the chain turning in the midst of grime, but White Lightning’s Clean Ride repels and sheds the gunk entirely.

No Oil!

One of the problem’s with oil based lubricants is that they are often, over time, can leave oily residues on the chains that attract contaminants and reduce the longevity of the chain’s life. This isn’t the case with White Lightning’s Clean Ride. When they call it Clean Ride, they aren’t joking! This lubricant doesn’t leave the typical oil residue that other lubes are guilty of doing. This means no contaminants and a longer chain life. Your chain stays clean and your bike stays on the road longer!

Features and Specifications

  • Applies as a liquid, and then sets as a wax.
  • Clean Ride is self-cleaning and sheds dirt and grime within wax flakes as you ride.
  • This lubricant leaves no oily residue and reduces potential long term chain damage from oily contaminants.
  • Clean Ride is optimum for a variety of equipment such as chains, cables, and gears.
  • Perfect for dry and dusty conditionsm and stands up to grit and grime.
  • Supports chain performance and longevity 2 to 3 times longer.

What Customers are Saying

Serious cyclers are no strangers to using and trying a variety of lubricants for their bike chains, and it seems those that have used White Lightning’s Clean Ride have found a lubricant they’re planning on sticking with for a while. 

Users love that the lube works well against dirt and can even be used on a variety of other tools and equipment. The thing that continues to stand out to customers though is just how clean the lubricant is! It far outdoes the mess and grime one encounters when working with other overly oily lubricants.

It should be noted, however, that even among the great comments users have made about Clean Ride, some have noted that the lubricant does not hold up as well in the rain and snow. 

This is one of the expected downsides of dry lubricants, but, in general, most quality cycling happens in fairer weather which still makes Clean Ride a solid choice in terms of variety and consistency. White Lightning’s Clean Ride is a unique and reliable lubricant great for most conditions, and it’s all too easy to recommend it for any dedicated cycler.

Who Should Buy This Product

The cycler who values keeping their gear in pristine condition and jealously guards the longevity of their bike chain will benefit greatly from White Lightning Clean Ride. This lube is great for riders who love to tackle the dry and dusty paths, be it long cross country road races or a bit of off road cycling. Clean Ride is ideal of the versatile rider who values reliability and flexibility.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

As previously mentioned, special note should be given to the fact that White Lightning Clean Ride is specifically a wax based lubricant, and as such is favorable in certain conditions over others. If you’re a rider who seeks out and prefers cold and wet conditions, a dry, wax based lubricant may not be the better way to go, and you will need to adjust accordingly.


In all, White Lightning Clean Ride is the best of its kind out there, especially in light of the fact that it repels grime, reduces oils, and self-cleans! The best bike chain lube is for those who want to avoid any complications and just enjoy the thrill of riding. 

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