Best Bike Floor Pump of 2021 – The Topeak Sport II

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You ask why do you need the best bike floor pump? Do you know how much harder it is to get up a hill with half-inflated tires on your bike? Well maybe I don’t know the specific science numbers, but let’s just say it’s a lot harder.

Correct tire pressure should be the first and the last thing you check before any ride. I keep a good hand pump on the bike itself, but for any real cyclist, you need a floor pump at home. You just can’t get the same high-pressure from a hand pump.

So what’s the best floor pump to have in your garage? I think it’s the Topeak Sport II. Professionals and amateurs both go for this pump and with good reason. Topeak is a company that’s been making bikes and bike accessories for 25 years now. The people who make this bike pump don’t also make fishing rods on the side. They make bikes and stuff for bikes. So you think they probably know what they’re doing.

Best Bike Floor Pump – The Topeak Sport II

The Twinhead

It’s such a unique feature that Topeak trademarked the name. Twinhead is what they call the chuck. That’s the part that grabs onto your tire’s valve to get the air flowing in and your tire pumped. Basically the Twinhead works with both the Presta and Schrader valves but there’s no need to swap out any parts, just flip the Twinhead over to pump different valves.

Usually if you’ve got a higher end road or mountain bike, that’s the Presta valve. The Schrader valve is the fatter and more common of the two valves. Oh, and if you happen to have a bike with Dunlop valve, this will work too. Just use the Presta side of the Twinhead. It’s really key to me that there’s no valve adaptors to lose. I hate losing stuff, yet I’m somehow really good at doing just that.

It’s All About the Base

If there’s anything more frustrating than having your bike pump fall over multiple times as you try to pump, I can’t think of it. So any bike pump worth its salt has to have a good, solid METAL base. A flimsy plastic stand isn’t going to cut the mustard.

The nice thing about the Sport II is the base is all steel and provides great stability. Of course the barrel is also steel, making it strong and durable. And I dig the bright banana yellow color. Dude, Worth its salt…cut the mustard…banana yellow… Am I hungry?

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There are some pricy pumps out there. I mean some of them must be gold plated or come with fairy wings to account for how much they cost. Not this one. The Sport II is in no way the cheapest on the market, you could head to the corner store and pick up a pump for a few bucks. But I don’t think you’d be too happy with yourself after you got home.

What I like is that this pump packs in features, like an easy to read (and cool looking) pressure gauge, additional bladder and ball adapters so you can get that basketball court ready and a hose that spins 360 on the base so you don’t get all tangled up. Even with all these features, it doesn’t mean the pump costs more than some bikes. This is affordable quality.

Features and Specifications

  • Twinhead accepts Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves  
  • Oversized padded handles
  • Steel barrel and hardened steel base
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Height: 26.6”
  • Unique, easy to read gauge
  • Ball and bladder needles included

What people say about it

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Everyone seems to be impressed with the quality you get for a good price. Like I said, this is a pump that both professionals and regular Joes use. People also like that the extra ball and bladder needles have their own storage space on the base of the pump, near the gauge. Another feature that helps you not lose stuff. Bonus. And of course that double sided chuck that fits on all the tire valves you’ll encounter.

Now some people are saying that the Twinhead is a little hinky when you’re trying to get it sealed onto the valve. It might be something that takes a little practice. Try not loosening the Presta valve tip all the way, just loosen it enough that air flows decently, then attach the pump.

For the excellent price and the above average quality, the Topeak Sport II pump is the one I recommend. You’ll like the solid construction, and appreciate not having loose and missing parts and valve adaptors.

Who I Think Should Buy the Sport II

If you’re into cycling, you need a serious pump. The little plastic hand pump that came with those pool toys you bought a while back, that’s just sad. Invest in a powerful floor pump and save your forearms and dignity. Even if you’re just a weekend rider, the price point on this one means you can totally afford quality.

Who Shouldn’t Buy It?

Maybe a bike shop owner, who is pumping up fifty tires a day, would want to look elsewhere (I suggest an electric pump in that situation). But for people with just one (or 4) bikes, this is the pump for you.  


Hopefully this has helped you decide what works about this pump. I can’t really say too many good things about it. It’s a fantastic value and full of the right kind of features. Like I said, it’s hard to pedal with flat tires. And it’s certainly frustrating to try to pump those tires with a sub-par pump. Get yourself the Topeak Sport II which is the best bike floor pump and pump like you mean it.

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