Best Bike Repair Stands for Every Budgets Reviewed

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Biking can be an incredibly fun sport/hobby to take up, at but it can also be an expensive endeavor. If you do a lot of riding you can expect to need to do a significant amount of maintenance on your bike as well. So we want to present you the best bike repair stands.

Anyone who owns a car knows that the cost to maintain it can be outrageous at times. But there is a subset of car owners who spend very little on the upkeep of their vehicle, mechanics. Of course, they still have to pay for the parts that break down (but that’s the inexpensive part).

Where mechanics really save tons of money in maintenance is by preceding the labor fees charged at shops and doing the work themselves.

Similarly, cyclists can do the same thing, and because bikes are much less complicated than motor vehicles they can do it without a whole bunch of training.

Best Bike Repair Stands

Bike Stands

This is where the bike repair stand comes into play. Getting the bike up off of the ground when fixing it, will make any job you need to perform that much easier. In fact, it can make routine jobs like tire changes and chain maintenance a breeze for you, getting you back on the road in a few short minutes.

I’m sure it doesn’t have to be said but, I will anyway. Repair stands are not all created equally, you get what you pay for, but also, some stands may be overkill for the average cyclist. What we will do today is look at a few different bike repair stands, and try to help you determine which is best for you.

Pro Elite Workstand

The Pro Elite Workstand is an industry favorite and can be seen in bike shops across the nation. What makes this so beloved though? For starters, it is a repair stand that is easy to operate, while still being sturdy enough to get long term use out of it. And it is a heavy duty stand that retains portability. This is terrific bike stand if you go on trips and find yourself needing to make repairs a lot.

Another great feature of this stand is the fact that it will remain stable on almost any surface you find yourself on. Combine that with its ability to support bikes up to 85 pounds and clamps that can withstand tubing up to 2.6-inches, and you will struggle to find a time where this piece of equipment is unable to do the job for you. It has quick release clamps that ratchet into place, the ratcheting aspect of it means that once you get the bike to the height you prefer, you won’t have to worry about the stand sinking while you are working on it.

Should you purchase this one

As I stated earlier, this bike stand is perfect for mechanics that make house calls, and cyclists who are constantly traveling, heck it even comes with its own heavy duty tote bag. If this is you, then the Pro-Elite stand will be an excellent fit for you. If you are looking for something a little less portable, there are other stands you can look into.


Park Tool Deluxe Single Arm Repair Stand

This Park Tool Stand can be found in almost any bicycle repair shop you walk into. It is built for the toughest jobs, and it is made to last. It has an incredible 180-pound maximum weight capacity, and it can accommodate frame tubes of up to 44 mm.

The adjustable height on this stand is from 50-inches to 62-inches, maybe not high enough for the tallest mechanics out there, but I’m sure most folks can work comfortably at this level. It also utilizes a “lock block” system that keeps the stand in place, meaning once you have the bike at the proper height, it is staying there (oh, and as an added safety measure, it has a pin that you can place in the arm as well).

I also love the fact that the Deluxe Single Arm is made in the States. It provides jobs to our local economy, and it means any time you have any problems with the system it can be taken care right in your own backyard (that can be a godsend if you need to have it replaced).

Should you purchase this stand

This is a top notch stand, it holds your bike in place easily, and it will likely be a bike stand that lasts you nearly the entirety of your life, which makes it a great investment. However, I wish this came with the base for it; I find it rather inconvenient to have to purchase the two separately. Also, if you need something portable this stand is certainly not for yours. With that said if you own a shop, get this one, it is terrific.


Wrap – Up

We went over two stands for two different types of users today. I can honestly say that both of the stands are impressive for what they are used for, and they both have a good following within the bicycle repair community.

If you cycle, then you will want to purchase you a bike repair stand, it will pay for itself several times over. Either stand you choose from this list will make life easier for you, just make sure you get the one that fits your needs best. I hope that these best bike repair stands suite you.

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