The Top 3 Best Bike Seats Reviews 2021

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This is our options for the best bike seats that we know off. When riding a bike, you will always have three points of contact (mostly always that is). Those points of contact are the handlebars, the pedals, and the saddle/seat. Of those three the one that most people have complaints about is the bike seat.

Either it is too hard or too soft, maybe it is too broad or too narrow. The thing that I have come to realize is that the reason so many people have issues with their bike seat is that they don’t have a saddle that is tailored to their needs.

Best Bike Seats

Why you need a tailored seat

When riding a bike, there are many different goals that you may have in mind. For instance, are you racing? Or maybe you are going down a mountain, or cruising on the boardwalk. Each one of these activities, though still bike riding, are completely different in the way you handle your bike, requiring that you get a different type of seat.

Which type of bike seat fits you best

If you are one who likes to race their bike, then you will want a longer more narrow saddle. The reason for this is because it gives you a greater range of motion. More movement means more power, but perhaps just as important, it means more comfort.

You should also take into consideration your riding style. Do you spend a lot of time resting on the saddle or do you put most of your body weight on the pedals? These two seemingly minor differences can also play a significant role in what saddle best suits you.

Most people know that saddle shapes, and sizes vary depending on if it is made for a man or woman. This means that you should also take your body type into consideration when choosing a bike seat. If you have wider hips, consider going for a wider saddle.

Conversely, if you have more narrow hips, you might want a slimmer saddle. So we recognize now that there is a different saddle for each different occasion. Now let’s find the seat right for you.


This is the saddle for someone who will spend a considerable amount of time riding their bike. It is designed to give comfort and endurance. It has a nylon-composite shell, resting on stainless steel rails helping it to maintain continuity on mountainous terrain.

And the soft, but sturdy, elastomer foam padding is encased by a smooth Lorica microfiber to keep chafing to a minimum. Another nice feature of this seat is the downward slant of it, giving you a better pedaling angle resulting in more pedaling power.

Should you buy this one?

This is a good product to get if you are riding trails or on the road. I wouldn’t get it if you need a saddle for racing. However, I can do in a pinch (as long as it isn’t competitive racing). Overall this is a seat worth taking a look at, especially if you plan on riding multiple types of terrain.

Surface E-Gel Cruiser Bicycle Saddle

If you use your bike for casual strolls down the pier or longer distance scenic rides, then you will want a wider saddle for your bike. The reason for this is because you will be doing much less pedaling than you would when riding trails. 

This bike saddle is noticeably wider than the one we previously looked at, and as the name of the saddle suggests, it is a good seat for the rider who likes to cruiseIt has an E-Gel top layer that gives the rider frictionless comfort as well as cut out grooves for added soft tissue support.

Should you get this bike saddle?

Well, if you are a rider who merely wants to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the breeze on their face then I think you might like this product. There are wider cruising seats available of course, but this is a generously priced product and still, offers much of the cruising comfort that higher priced items give.

Fizik Arione R3

This is a racers dream. In fact, it is one of the saddles used in cycling’s biggest event “The Tour De France.” It is the longest saddle that is on the market today and is completely flat throughout. The combination of a long, thin and flat saddle provides excellent range of motion and cycling power, Giving you every advantage while on the race course.

 The railing is titanium alloy, giving you maximum strength and still maintaining a lightweight build. The shell is a fiberglass reinforced nylon wing flex material, allowing for just the right amount of giving in the saddle.

Should you get this product?

If you are a serious racer and are willing to pay the price that comes with having the highest quality gear, then you should get this product.

Wrap – Up

The reason so many people have so much trouble with their bike seats is that they have failed to get the one that is best for their riding styles. If you stick to this guide, then you will no longer have to be one of those unfortunate souls who has an aching backside every time you get done biking.

Heck, you may even fall in love with it again once you finally have the proper gear. I hope this post about the best bike seats made you understand the importance of it.

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