The Best Bivy Sack of 2021 Reviewed

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Bivy sacks are collapsible sacks that replace a single person tent in inclement weather. Bivy sacks are a must have for the outdoorsman who may find themselves in cold conditions, sometimes without a tent. They are also great if you want to carry less weight with you when you head out on an overnight adventure.

These are great single-person products that will keep you warm, safe and dry no matter how cold it gets outside. This is the one camping accessory that you should not do without. It may be able to save your life one day.  The best Bivy sack to come out this year is the Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy.

Best Bivy Sack – Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

Weather Resistant
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The Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy is water resistant to keep you dry no matter where you may find yourself. It features a triple layer of Gore-Tex fabric with Positive Respiration. The bag is designed to help reduce condensation.

It has a waterproof storm flap and offers a 360 degree sealed and taped seam for extra protection during inclement weather. The floor of the bivy sack is coated with the proprietary HydroSeal technology that protects you from the wetness that tends to form under the sack.


The Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy is one of the most comfortable bivy sacs available. It comes standard with a duel pole system.  The poles easily fold for travel, and give you an additional 20 inches of internal head height when using the pole.

This bivy sack is also very breathable. It features 3 layers of Gore-Tex Respiration Positive fabric to enhance comfort. This is a very spacious bivy sack and it allows you to have enough room to add a pad or a sleeping mat as well. In warmer conditions, no-see-um netting will allow you to enjoy additional airflow while minimizing insect infestation.

Easy to use

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This great bivy sack by Outdoor Research Alpine only weighs two pounds so it is lightweight and easy to transport. It also includes 5 loops you can use to easily secure it to the ground so it does not blow away in windy conditions.

The sack is designed to be used with or without the pole to increase head height. If you do decide to use it, it slides easily though a sleeve on the top of the sack so you get more head room. The inside of the bivy bag contains straps for mats and pads, to prevent them from sliding around on you.

Features and Specifications

  • The Advanced Research Alpine Bivy is the most advanced bivy made by the company.
  • It is the largest, most spacious bivy that they offer.
  • It allows you plenty of room so you can add a thick sleeping pad or use is solely as a single person tent.
  • It features a duel pole system to allow for increased comfort and ventilation.
  • Special GORE-TEX fabric that offers positive respiration allows moist air to escape and blocks out the cold outside temperature. This system helps to minimize condensation without compromising the protection you get from the elements.
  • The base features a zippered vent you can open to increase airflow if you get too warm.
  • A sealed floor helps to prevent you from getting wet from moisture rising from the ground.

What Customers Are Saying

This bivy is great! Customers report that even in the rain it keeps you warm and dry all night long. The floor stays dry no matter what kind of inclement weather you encounter.

This bivy is much more expensive than other single person tents. Some customers felt the benefits did not justify the additional cost of the bivy.

These bivys may be very expensive, but they are worth the extra money because of the additional features and additional versatility offered by this bivy.

The Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy Sack is a great product, and they seem to have been designed to be versatile enough to handle all your bivy needs.

Who Should Buy This Product

This product is a must have for anyone who might find themselves alone in inclement weather. It can also be used during cold hunting or fishing trips. It is good for those who may find themselves broken down in alpine conditions in the winter.

It is an all-around good bag to keep with you in case of an emergency if you in live in the mountains or visit them often. It is small and convenient for hikers that do not need a larger tent and want to eliminate some of the weight they are packing with them.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

This is not an ideal product for families. It is a single person bivy pack. If you are camping and have a family you will not need a bivy sack because a tent will serve you much better. If you are camping in the summer, or in warm weather, you may find a bivy sack to be too warm and confining to make you comfortable.

The no-see-um netting and the breathable fabric are designed to increase comfort if the mercury in the thermometer rises, but this is still a product that was designed to be used in cooler weather.


If you are looking for a good camping solution for just you, this Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy may be the product you have been looking for. It will keep you warm and protected and it is lightweight and easy to carry. With all of its incredible features, it should be able to fulfill all your bivy sack needs.

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