The Best Camera for Landscape Photography

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Sometimes when you’re deep into backcountry, chasing waterfalls, fording rivers, summiting mountains, and experiencing vistas that take your breath away, the hardest thing is keeping it to yourself. 

Sure, we live in an age where whipping out a cell phone and snapping a quick photo is enough to help preserve the memory, but accurately conveying the majesty of the outdoors is already hard enough without resorting to lower quality cellphone images, so we present you the best camera for landscape photography.

No, the real outdoor photographer needs to opt for something sublime and superb to capture amazing landscapes on film, and for that we recommend the Canon 5DS R camera as the best for landscape photography.

Best camera for landscape photography

A DLSR Stacked for the Best Landscapes

Sometimes before you can even really decide on what the best camera is for you to take on your outdoor adventures, it’s easy to get bogged down in the sheer enormity of options and variations before you. There’re point-and-shoot, mirrorless, and other types of cameras on the market each with their own perks and specialties. 

The Canon 5DS R falls into the DLSR (digital single lens reflex) category making it optimum for landscape photography. The Canon 5DS R features all the givens of a DLSR, like larger sensors and greater degrees of customization allowing for the detail and color quality a user expects to accommodate landscape photography.

Low Pass Filter Effect Cancellation

The Canon 5DS R boasts a lot of distinguishing features, like its 50 megapixel sensor for instance. However, it’s these features coupled with its ability to cancel low pass filter effects, which usually reduce color and detail, that set it apart from the rest. The Low Pass Filter Effect cancellation of the Canon 5DS R acts as the camera’s ultimate catalyst ensuring you’ll get the maximum amount of detail out of all 50 of its megapixels.

Comfortable Outside

The truth of the matter is, if you’re going after those landscape photos that are truly going to take people’s breath away, you’re going to have to get off the beaten path. An expensive camera built with the fragility of a china shop isn’t going to do, but you also don’t have to sacrifice a quality camera for sturdiness that will hold up on the adventure.

The Canon 5DS R boasts a solid, environmentally sealed design to allow you the freedom to take this camera where the going gets tough. With this camera you can step out your door to photograph with confidence, and avoid feeling like you’re walking on egg shells anytime you whip your camera out.

Features and Specifications

  • The Canon 5DS R boasts a large 50 Megapixel full-frame, CMOS sensor to provide images of extreme detail.
  • The fantastic sensor of this camera paired with low pass filter effect cancellation insures you’re not missing an ounce of quality.
  • You can capture clearly with the assistance of the 3.2” LCD screen.
  • The Canon 5DS R is exceedingly user friendly by offering a plethora of customization options and a USB terminal for easy image transfer.
  • This camera is designed to fit a variety of photographic goals and is able to provide easy fast action shots, time lapse movies, in camera cropping, and a new Fine Detail mode.
  • The scene detection system assists you for those spur of the moment shots when meticulously selecting settings isn’t an option.
  • The advanced mirror control mechanism minimizes the effects of camera shake and blur.

What Customers are Saying

It’s plain to see that the Canon 5DS R is more than equipped to suit the needs of the most ambitious landscape photographers out there. Many users comment on its sturdiness and versatility, but it’s the 50MP sensor that really seems to impress people with its ability to render extraordinary detail in a variety of settings. Some customers have expressed themselves to be less impressed with the low pass filter cancellation that was previously mentioned, and they wonder if it really produces a noticeable difference.

However, it’s important to remember that we’re dealing with pixel level details at this point that are harder to spot but can make all the difference in distinguishing your photos from the rest. This high performance in terms of detail and reliability is why we can’t help but recommend the Canon 5DS R for any serious landscape photographer.

Who Should Buy This Product

This camera is best suited for the outdoor enthusiast wanting to take something sturdy and reliable on their adventures with them, but doesn’t want to compromise quality in the process. This camera is for the sublime trailblazer that doesn’t just want to scale mountains and cliffs, but also wants to share their experience at the top with others in the most exquisite detail possible.

Who Shouldn’t Buy this Product

This camera is a top of the line piece of work and is best used for the photographer with high quality goals and aspirations, so keep your own goals and skills in mind when deciding if this camera is right for you. If you’re just looking for some small prints, lower quality prints of your latest boat trip for the scrap book, you could probably do well to opt for a different camera.


The Canon 5DS R provides a stunning combination of detail and sturdiness, combined with a plethora of cutting edge features, that makes it more than ideal for taking some of the best landscape photos a photographer could desire. I hope you like our choice for the best camera for landscape photography.


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