Best Crampons For Ice of 2021

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Best Crampons For Ice

We’ve all seen that epic scene from a movie where a lone hiker is bravely scaling a frozen waterfall. His feet inevitably slip and he’s lift dangling and clinging to his ice axe as a series of other epic events happen and he finally wins the day, kisses the girl, and continues the adventure with his epic beard. Here’s the deal, that situation is only cool in the movies!

Any cold terrain hiker or climber knows scaling frozen terrain is no joke, and by far one of the most crucial pieces of equipment is the crampon. When it comes to selecting a solid crampon, the Petzel Irvis 10-Point stands out in terms of versatility and reliability and are the best crampons for ice that we know of.

Broadly Suited

One of the hardest thing about choosing which crampons to go with is realizing there’s so much variety because, well, cold terrain hiking has a ton of variety within it itself. There’s waterfall climbing, alpine trekking, ice rock climbing, and snow trail hiking, to name a few. 

And while you would be hard pressed to find a single set of crampons to cover all the bases from waterfall climbing to simple trekking, the Petzel Irvis 10-Points stack up fairly well in terms of versatility. These crampons are a perfect fit for hiking and backpacking, but can stand the sturdier tests of mountaineering and ski trekking as well.

10 Sturdy Points

When it comes to the best crampons, the purpose is in the points. Crampons can range from having 8 to 14 points lodged around the frame to offer assistance with traction. As the name suggests, the Petzel irvis features 10 stainless steel points optimally placed and angled for effectiveness and comfort. 

These include two broad, front facing points providing for great climbing capability, as well as two anchoring points to the rear of the crampon to aid in descending. In addition to their superb function, the points of the Petzel Irvis also feature a stainless steel makeup, ensuring great durability and increased longevity of use.

Light on the Feet and the Pack

While using crampons in frozen terrain trekking is practically a nonnegotiable, doing so at the expense of unnecessary additional weight is very negotiable. The Petzel Irvis 10-Point crampons weight in at around 1lb 9oz for the pair, placing them among the lightest options when it comes to crampons.

In fact, to go much lighter you’d likely have to swap the stainless steel for an aluminum pair and risk compromising durability for the sake of weight. The Petzel Irvis fall just in the sweet spot of a reasonable weight while still being manufactured from a material reputable for not breaking in a hurry. These crampons won’t just keep you trekking on snowy terrain, they’ll allow you to do it lighter and faster as well.

Features and Specifications

  • The Petzel Irvis crampons feature 10 points manufactured from stainless steel.
  • They weigh in at 1lb 9oz and are perfect for the snow trekker trying to stay lightweight.
  • The points are designed with just the right length to maintain optimum stability while not requiring the hiker to high step.
  • Stainless steel provides these crampons a corrosion resistant, durable reinforcement.
  • Anti-balling plates prevent snow from balling up on them as you trek.
  • The Petzel Irvis 10-Point are available in strap and clip-on varieties to match your footwear preference.
  • The points are properly places and angled to accommodate climbing, descending, and staying stable while you hike.

What Customers are Saying

Those using the Petzel Irvis 10-Point crampons are definitely noting many of the useful features and strong points already mentioned.

People love the durability and light weight makeup of these crampons, but the thing most commonly remarked upon by most customers is the crampons versatility. 

Buyers are using these crampons for everything from glacier treks to 60 degree ice slope climbs. If you’re looking for a pair of crampons to suit a variety of outdoor adventure options, then these are right for you!

Among the great feedback customers are giving about the Petzel Irvis crampons, there are some reports about the crampons not being quite suitable for shoes sizes over 12. 

However, its important to remember that crampons won’t always accommodate such a wide range of shoe sizes without sacrificing their uniform functionality, and the Petzel Irvis crampons do have lengtheners available designed to help them accommodate larger shoe sizes. 

This satisfaction over the versatility of the Petzel Irvis 10-Point crampons is why we can’t help but recommend them for any serious cold terrain hiker.

Who Should Buy this Product

This product is perfect for the bold hiker not ready to hang his backup up for the winter just because conditions get a little bit trickier. The Petzel Irvis crampons are great for the adventurer who wants to challenge themselves in new and unique ways only offered by the tenacity of snowy slopes and icy rocks.

Who Shouldn’t Buy this Product

As mentioned before, there are a wide range of cold terrains out there that one might need to modify their footwear for using things like crampons. Also, when modifying you want to make sure you meet the specifications of the trip in hand. The adventurer opting for terrains that tend to be a little more tame, less sloped, and void of ice may easily find the Petzel Irvis to be a little overkill.


The Petzel Irvis 10-Point are the best crampons for ice and perfect for a variety of ice and snow covered terrains that outdoor enthusiasts may encounter on their winter excursions.

The durable, stainless steel spikes and ultralight friendly build make them a great go-to to insure you keep steady, stable, and on your feet regardless of the path you’re walking.

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