The Best Ear Protection for Indoor Shooting Range 2021 Reviewed

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I’ve spent years using the same old ear muffs that my boyfriend gave me when I started shooting. They didn’t fit well, and they weren’t comfortable so I thought it was time to upgrade. The Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff(R-01902) was the perfect choice for me. These also come in a 2,3, and 4 pack so you can save for the whole family as well as an option to buy them with the case and eye protection.

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The best feature about these is the active listening. It’s pretty cool how it works because it amplifies using microphones for listening and communications but shuts down the speaker when the sound reaches above 82dB. It has a noise reduction rating of 30 The active noise actually protects the ear by only allowing sound up to a safe level, so it doesn’t matter how loud things get because it will always regulate the sound to a safe dB.

There’s also an aux input if you don’t want to be able to hear range commands so you can plug in your phone or scanner and simply listen to that as if you had headphones in instead.

Best Ear Protection for Indoor Shooting Range  -Howard Leight Impact Pro Electronic Earmuff Review

The reason this makes these so great for an indoor range is that many pairs are calibrated so that they work for outdoors like the R-01530s where the sound isn’t so loud which means the minimum dB is actually higher and not suited for indoor range at all.

The ear cups are quite low profile and it folds down well so it fits perfectly into a range bag and even into some pistol cases.

The low profile also helps to make sure your stock has enough clearance. The ear cups use a patented Air Flow Control design to let your ears feel comfortable and not weighed down.

The camo color option is probably also useful if you’re hunting so that it has a versatile off-range use as well. The company also sells a separate case designs specifically for this model to keep them protected.

These conveniently take 2 standard AAA batteries, and there’s an auto shut off after 4 hours to conserve battery if you forget to turn them off. If you’re on the range when the battery dies these will still function as regular ear muffs so you won’t be left without protection.

Features and Specifications

  • Active noise canceling limits sound to a safe 82dB and reduces noise by an NRR of 30 using built in directional microphones.
  • The speakers are shut down automatically when sound goes above 82dB.
  • The headphones have an aux jack so that you can listen to music or a scanner.
  • The ear cups are low profile for better clearance and easier storage and there’s also a separate carry case to protect them.  
  • The cups have Air Flow control to keep your ears comfortable without weighing them down.
  • The ear muffs fold down for convenient storage and have an optional carry case.
  • There’s an auto shut off after 4 hours so that your batteries are saved but they use a regular 2xAAA so you can keep spares around.
  • The headphones still function even without the active noise canceling or power.
  • They weigh 15.2 ounces and are 10×9.5×5”.
  • These are designed for indoor ranges specifically because they have a higher NRR rating.
  • They are rubberized to prevent them getting scratched and to make them more comfortable to wear.
  • Passively blocks all noise above 30dB.
  • The ear muffs are one size but the head band can be adjusted for comfort.

What Customers are Saying

For a budget pair of ear protection muffs these are not only cheap but they’re convenient. The biggest competitor 3M has a difficult battery to replace and the batteries last much longer in these as well.

This makes them much better for someone who wants to be able to quickly put new batteries in, but being able to use them without batteries as well means even if you forget spares it’s not a big deal.

The biggest issue with these headphones is getting a genuine version. There are loads of counterfeits out there so it’s important to get them from a reputable seller if you want the right quality so look for things like leaf springs and quality control stickers to make sure you’re getting the real thing.

As someone who is an NRA member and who spends a lot of time at the range I certainly feel comfortable recommending this product. I’ve also seen range officers wearing these which is an added reason why these are a good choice.

Who Should Buy This Product?

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These are ideal for beginner shooters and pros who want something that is functional without being especially high tech. These are also great for someone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune but still loves the concept of active noise canceling.

I think these would also be great for someone who wants to have the convenience of being able to use the same headphones indoors as well as out since the camo color would be great for hunting.

Who Shouldn’t Buy this Product?

These are not for someone who wants high-tech and high end. In comparison to some others these are fairly simple and straightforward. The issue with counterfeits means that these are also not suited for someone who wants to guarantee a genuine product.

These are not ideal for someone who doesn’t like the feel of over-ear protection as they will still push down on the shell of the ear, in which case in-ear protection would be a better or more comfortable choice.


The Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff(R-01902) are fun because you can have plenty of colors but they’re also very functional. All in one, they are the best best ear protection for indoor shooting range.

The best thing about these is that they really do mute sound down to an acceptable level for indoor ranges unlike some other models. The active noise cancelling is a great concept and it works really well to keep noise at a safe level while still allowing you to hear ambient noise.

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