Best Flip Flops With Arch Support in 2021

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Best Flip Flops with Arch Support

Pretty Plantar Pain Fixer

I’ve suffered with foot, knee, hip and back pain and while I hate to admit the fact that I’m in my thirties and wearing orthotic shoes – the pain has won. Looking for shoes that don’t look like my grandmother wears them has been interesting and finding the Orthaheel Tide Slides, well, these look like any other flip flop.

If you’re looking for snazzy flip flops to support your feet and joints, check out my favorite pick at Amazon.

You totally can’t tell! I’m so excited about these, because it means I won’t be forced to wear ugly shoes forever just because my body decided to fall apart early.

I love the fact that they’re synthetic and vegan so they can get wet and go on the beach without getting ruined. The sole is also rubber so there’s no allergy problems either and no latex! It’s all made out of a combination of polyeurethane, neoprene, EVA and TPR.

The upper has two different textures of material (patent and matte) so that it has a stylish look which is smart too and because it’s woven it’s less harsh on the toes when it rubs during wear.

It has pronounced stitching to add interest and detail which is in the same color as the other materials.

The whole sandal comes in one color which is also nice because it means everything matches. The TPR is a really durable plastic and it has a wave textured pattern for better traction on slick surfaces which makes these a clever choice for beach and pool wear too.

Best Flip Flops With Arch Support – Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals

I love the motion control heel cup and the moulded design. Bot of these are essential to foot and joint support.

The footbed

Is textured and contoured to fit around your arches and provide both padding and support. I love the fact that the shoes have pronounced texturing because this usually wears off so quickly that you have to grip with your toes which hurts your posture even worse and shows that they’re well thought out and well made.

The bottom is quite thick which means you won’t feel the heat of the ground on hot days either and there’s a nice curve to the front of the sandal which helps your foot feel comfortable as it rocks forward with your walk.

The footbed itself is designed with a Tri-planar motion control deep heel cup to help realign the feet and stabilize them so that they stay in a natural position to help pull stress from the knees and ankles.

I’m also very happy that they come in so many different designs on the upper. My favorite is the Gold metallic but the black and silver is also pretty convenient because it means I can get different pairs to go with different outfits and there’s a “High Tide” version with a platform heel that looks even less like an orthotic shoe which I’m excited to try too.

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Features and Specifications

  • The sandal comes in standard sizes 5-11M.
  • It comes in 5 different color choices – Navy, Black, Gold, Metallic Gold, and Pewter Metallic.
  • There’s also a “High Tide” high wedge version that has a higher wedge at the back and looks like a fashion shoe.
  • The entire sandal is synthetic, man-made and vegan friendly because none of the materials are sourced from animals. The materials are also allergy friendly because they’re plastic and not latex.
  • They are imported.
  • The liner is made from padded polyeurethane and has a molded and textured design with a deep heel cup.
  • The footbed is EVA and the outsole is TPR.
  • These are designed by a podiatrist and have special features for plantar issues to provide extra support for the feet, knees and ankles.

What Customers Are Saying

Clearly, they are amazingly comfortable, and it would seem hard to put on another pair of shoes after wearing these because they have such great support. They’re designed to be very comfortable if you have high arches too because you can wear flip flops without having to worry that you’re damaging your feet and hurting yourself.

There’s no wide size and there’s also some issue with the fact that the shape is very specific because it is molded. This won’t work for every foot shape because it is a molded design and it can aggravate some problems because it will cause pressure points.

The key with this is to know if your foot shape is the right fit for the Orthaheel design or whether you need one of their other shoes like the Vionic which is softer and a different shape.

I’m happy to recommend these because the company has been in business for years and clearly they’re not going anywhere. That doesn’t happen unless you’re producing good products.

Click here to see the Orthaheel Tide Slide Flip flops at Amazon.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This is ideal for someone who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis pain, has arch or heel issues, ankle problems, knee issues, or perhaps is just overweight and wants some extra support in the foot area.

The design is also great for a woman who wants to look stylish and wants to be able to wear flip flops without aggravating the condition or doing more damage.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

This is not designed for anyone with wider or especially narrow feet. The band is not very forgiving and it will not stretch, if you have wider feet there is a good chance this will chafe and be uncomfortable. It is also not going to last if you wear them in harsh environments like hiking or rocky terrain as these are fashion sandals.

These would not be suitable for someone who wants a cheap shoe as they are a reasonable price as well. These are also not necessarily suitable for someone whose foot does not fit the molded shape design as this is a hard and fixed shape and it will be uncomfortable and could aggravate rather than help plantar problems.

Conclusion – Best Flip Flops with Arch Support – Orthaheel Tide Slide

These are a lovely looking sandal that definitely changed my mind about how I thought and orthotic shoe would look when I started looking.

I’m happy to recommend the Orthaheel Tide Slide because they’re so well made and the fact that they’re designed by a podiatrist definitely gives me peace of mind. I love that they come in so many colors and sizes too.

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