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Let’s start with the obvious: What is a ghillie suit? If you don’t know, chances are you probably don’t need one, but just in case. A ghillie suit is camouflage. But this is camouflage that went to college. It’s not just green and beige patterns on canvas. No, this is the suit that makes you disappear. Like you’re the predator from Predator. Wear it and you’ll be moving jungle. Or forest. Depending on where you’re trying to hide.

Do you need a ghillie suit? Taking a challenging hike, doing some basic backpacking, picnicking, these are not times for the ghillie suit.

But hunters, archers, hard core bird watchers, nature photographers, and the more serious paintballer can all benefit from the deep cover a ghillie suit offers.

The Best Ghillie Suit for the Money

And I think I’ve found the suit that gives you the best bang for your camo buck: The Ghost Ghillie Suit by Arcturus Camo.


The way a good ghillie suit works is by breaking up your outline with multiple fibers that resemble your environment.

The more fibers, the more “blurry” your outline appears to an onlooker, and the more you melt into your background. I’ve seen suits out there that look like someone taped a few green plastic leaves to a sweatsuit and called it a day. Not the Ghost Ghillie. It’s packed with lightweight thread that’s double stitched to the suit so you’re not leaving a trail of scraps behind you.

Color Choice

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Here’s where having the best ghillie suit in the world won’t save you: you’re wearing the wrong color. A suit that’s made to blend into the forest when you’re sitting in wheat-colored grassland, well that’s like wearing no camo at all.

May as well be wearing a traffic cone on your head. With spinning lights. But I digress… The Ghost Ghillie comes in two colors, Woodland and Dry Grass. The Woodland has 4 different shades of threads, green, tan, black and brown. Think bark, pine needles, dry leaves, and a little moss.

That’s what you’ll look like to wildlife, or the enemy paintball team. The Dry Grass option is more of a, well, dry grass color for prairie and desert field cover.


Part of what makes a ghillie suit great can also be what makes it a beast to wear. The nice thing about the Ghost Ghillie is it’s breathable. You won’t feel like you’re wearing a 50 pound green bear pelt. The shell is lightweight and double mesh so you won’t bake as you wait and hide in stealth. Plus it comes with a carry bag. Turn the suit inside out and roll it up to keep the fibers from getting too tangled.

Features and Specifications

  • Complete set includes jacket, pants and rifle wrap
  • Ultra lightweight breathable shell
  • Drawstring adjustable
  • Fire retardant thread
  • Carry bag included
  • Jacket features quick release snaps
  • Hood is attached to the jacket

What people say about it

Some camo enthusiasts out there say the best way to go is to make your own. And I can see that. If attaching bits of leaves and twigs together until you’ve got a whole suit sounds like something you have time for, I say go for it. But if you have some more pressing things to take care of in your life, like sleeping and eating, maybe buying your ghillie suit is a better way to go.

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People seem to really be into the fact that the Ghost Ghillie does what it promises, it makes you un-seeable. Ghost Ghillie fans really like how well-made it feels. And the price is just right. It’s not the cheapest, but it is NOT expensive for what you’re getting. I’ve seen what the real “bargain” suits have to offer. It’s sad. Really. Like holding your hands over your eyes and saying, “No one can see me!”

The one thing that has bothered people is that the suit seems to pick up detritus and debris from the environment. Honestly, people? That’s a good thing! The more sticks and leaves and moss you’ve got on you, the more you look like you are just part of the background. So I say, brush up against that tree, see what sticks.

There are a ton of suits out there, running from super cheap and shabby, to needlessly expensive. But the best ghillie suit for your money is the one Arcturus Camo makes, the Ghost Ghillie. If you need to get invisible, get this suit.

Who should buy the Ghost Ghillie?

People who don’t want to be seen. Hunters, bird watchers, paintball teams, wildlife spectators. Interestingly, I’ve noticed a lot of people are buying the suits for Halloween parties. I can get behind that. Who doesn’t want to look like a green Chewbacca?

Who shouldn’t buy it?

This isn’t a military grade suit. People seeking that standard of suit need to look into army surplus suppliers. Or talk to your Unit Supply Specialist.


You could spend more money, but you don’t need to. This suit has the density to keep you hidden and the technology to keep you cool. The high range of thread colors that Arcturus offers beat everyone else in the ghillie suit market. For my money, I’m going Ghost.

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