The Best Hardtail Mountain Bike [premium] Reviewed

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Whether it’s the workweek that’s worn you down, the constant drain of the city, or maybe the mountain paths are just irresistibly calling…  It’s time to get away, mount up, and tear into the trail.

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Hardtrail mountain biking ain't for the faint of heart

Mountain biking provides us with thrills and spills few other sports on this planet can rival, and we all know you can’t just ride any contraption into the wild. 

The true mountain biker needs something sturdy with a bit a grit all while not breaking the bank. For example, my friend had a budget of under $2,000 when he upgraded his bike. The Diamondback Mason 27.5+ more than answers this call. 

Best Hardtail Mountain Bike – Diamondback Mason

Big Time Descents

The Best Hardtail Mountain Bike

Hardtrails are made up of killer descents! So you’ll be happy to know this Diamondback bike is geared for this.

“What goes up, must come down”, and the Diamondback Mason is more than equipped for the latter. You know the technicality and fitness required of us to descend those treacherous weekend slopes, and how one misstep can send everything into a catastrophic tumble.

The Diamondback Mason aims to minimize your chances of crashing and burning by being built with even the trickiest descents in mind. Shift into gear and attack the turn with confidence knowing that the Diamondback Mason specializes in maximizing the descent.

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Trusted Tires

Sure it’s easy for any company to talk a big game about how their bikes are the best, but what you have to look at is where the rubber meets the road, quite literally. The tires of the Diamondback Mason are trusted on the trail. These big 27.5 inch  tires provide the rider with plenty of contact to grip the trail with, attack those steep climbs, and maneuver the more treacherous corners.

The high quality tires of the Diamondback means you get to bring it home ready to roll! After all, who wouldn’t want to spend more time on trail and less time searching for expensive upgrades?

A Hardy Hardtail

Look, at the end of the day, the Diamondback Mason is the go-to for an affordable hardtail mountain bike to meet even the most daring mountain adventurer’s needs and expectations in a mountain bike. The Diamondback Mason utilizes the tried and true hardtail frame and suspension giving it the solid foundation and durability to survive the grind and abuse necessary for you to experience real mountain biking.

Are there cheaper options? Sure, but you’ll quickly flush away what you thought was saved cash on upgrades and maintenance from lower quality competitors. The Diamondback Mason boasts all the reliability and technology of the more expensive models, yet comes out on top as the more affordable option.

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Features and Specifications

  • This bike features a butted frame with a 120mm fork, standard hardtail design.
  • Brake better with Avid DB1 hydraulic brakes to better control descent on deceleration on any terrain.
  •  27.5 x 2.8 tires offer plenty of surface contact for powerful grip and traction.
  • The 6061-T6 aluminum, hardtail frame keeps the bike agile and responsive.
  • Raceface Ride offers solid gear shifting for powerful climbing and comfortable descents
  • The Diamond Mason rides on a sturdy frame with trusted tires to provide optimum comfort and confidence on any trail.

What Customers are Saying

The Diamondback Mason handles like a dream

The Diamondback Mason has the hardware and design to handle like a dream.

The Diamondback Mason has all the hardware and specifications to allow it to handle like a dream when shredding downhill, and it’s exactly this feature that is winning over the hearts of bikers everywhere.

Of course it has all the flexibility and reliability one would expect in any hardtail, but its ability to take even the most technical descents and allow the rider to navigate with comfort and dexterity separates the Diamondback Mason from the rest.

Granted, even in the midst of the deserving hype around the Diamondback Mason, some have found some small issues when it comes to the bikes climbing capabilities, often just related to the geometry of a hardtail.

However, apart from the expectation that climbing will generally be the more difficult aspect of mountain biking any of us will encounter, I’m sure the Diamondback Mason’s state of the art tires and suspension more than put our mind and body at rest to attack those tough climbs and dominate the ensuing descent!

The Diamondback Mason is a complete package and holistically great choice, which is why I can’t help but recommend it to you if you’re truly searching for a great bike.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Who is it that’s best fit to mount up on the Diamondback Mason and experience the wild outdoors behind its handlebars? Easy, those enthusiasts who are most apt to challenging themselves to be best mountain biker they can be while priding themselves in riding a reputable and reliable bike built to last.

Do you dream of conquering challenging climbs and daring descents? Because that’s the kind of people who the Diamondback Mason was designed for!

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Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

Obviously, the Diamondback Mason can’t be expected to be a perfect fit for just anyone. Those who approach mountain biking at a more casual pace and tend to stick to more tamed roads and paved trails will find the specs of the Diamondback Mason a bit too wild for them.

The Diamondback Mason is designed for the tough trails and dangerous paths, and, as such, those who prefer a more lax pace may find it a bit overcompensating.


Mountain Biking is a serious, skillful, and thrilling hobby. As such, you need a bike that can handle the wild and adventurous spirit necessary to experience the trail. The Diamondback Mason was designed not only to carry your adventurous spirit but to fuel it! It’s definitely the best hardtail mountain bike at a premium price.

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