Great Hikes in Georgia: Our Favorite Hikes in Georgia

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Best hikes in ga

This is our opinion about the best hikes in GA! Famous for southern hospitality, sweet iced tea, and America’s hidden gem in terms of pristine and iconic hiking trails. In many ways, Georgia is the birthplace of America’s hiking heart. After all, the infamous Appalachian Trail starts in Georgia. It only makes sense then that Georgia is home to some of America’s best in terms of connecting with nature.

Whether you’re chasing water falls in Tallulah Gorge, sampling the Appalachian Trail on Blood Loop Mountain, or soaking in the serenity of Lake Conasauga, Georgia is the go to for satisfying that hiker’s wanderlust. Let’s map out some of the best Georgia has to offer.


Cloudland Canyon

Also known as Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon, you’ll definitely want to hike Cloudland Canyon if you’re serious about experiencing the best Georgia’s outdoors has to offer.

Cloudland Canyon offers a unique alternative to those of us a little too far away from the majesty of the famous western canyons, and it certainly isn’t lacking in terms of scenes to take your breath away. Dive into waterfall fed pools and get a taste of Lookout Mountain in one of the best hikes Georgia has to offer.


Sweetwater Creek State Park

If the ruggedness of canyons and roar of waterfalls isn’t quite your taste, why not opt for Sweetwater Creek? Let the soft trickle of Sweetwater Creek put your mind at ease as you take a slightly simpler hike along the river and enjoy a piece of Georgia history through the New Manchester Mill.

This hike is not only a short drive from Atlanta but offers just enough pristine to assure you that you’ve indeed escaped the bustle of civilization while still being tame enough to accommodate hikers of any skill level. You’ll be hard pressed to find a legitimate reason to reject this hike!


Blood Mountain Loop

If you’re a real hiker you’ve definitely heard of the Appalachian Trail, only America’s most iconic and historic trail that runs all the way from Georgia to Maine. Anyone who has attempted the trail can attest to the beauty of Blood Mountain Loop that the trail runs through.

Not only will this hike give you a taste of the Appalachian Trail, but you’ll also get to scramble to the top of Blood Mountain and enjoy a well-earned view of Blue Ridge Mountains.



Hiking in Georgia has something for any and every type of hiker:

  • Experience a wide variety of landscapes, from cascading falls to winding canyons.
  • Push yourself to your limits or opt for a more leisurely hike, Georgia offers hikes suitable to any skill level.
  • The best of Georgia’s hikes don’t just feature nature. Many of Georgia’s trails, like the Kennesaw Mountain trail offer unique insights in America’s Civil War history.
  • Georgia offers the scenic without taking from the convenience as many of its best trails are only a small drive from Atlanta.
  • Whether you’re after expansive national parks or isolated backcountry trails, Georgia has it all.


What Hikers are Saying

Any hiker dedicated to experiencing the best America has to offer in terms of hiking will have a thing or two to say about what they found in Georgia especially in terms of aqua scenery. The waterfalls, lakes, streams, and gorges have hikers raving and coming back for more.

Granted, if there’s one thing you might also hear from the hikers who have braved Georgia, it will inevitably be that it’s hot! It’s a given that the Southern U.S. will feature some higher temperatures during prime hiking times, and obviously this can be just a little discomforting.

However, hikers know that earning your vista and scenic overlooks is half the battle and helps us relish the joy even more. Embrace the Georgia heat and earn that mountain view!

Hiking is a treat, and part of the art is picking just the right location for your wilderness trek. Georgia has some of the best to offer and I can’t recommend it enough in terms of having some of the best hikes in America!


Who Should Hike in Georgia?

The short answer is: everyone! Here’s the deal, if you sincerely love the outdoors hiking in Georgia is for you. The hiker who wants to get deep into the woods, find peace by quiet waters, and connect with the antiquity of America will find all of that and more in Georgia hikes.


Who Shouldn’t Hike in Georgia?

While some of these aforementioned best hikes in Georgia are guaranteed to take your breath away, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if hiking in Georgia is right for you. Hiking is hard and physically strenuous to varying degrees depending on the trail. Hiking is definitely far different from a stroll in the park, so the weekend adventurer not keen on pushing themselves physically to some degree could probably do well to steer clear of these incredible hikes.



America is a unique country in many aspects, and few things showcase this like the incredible hikes available in Georgia. Whether you’re on the Appalachian Trail or under the waterfalls of Cloudland Canyon, the hikes of Georgia are bound to give your spirit the rejuvenation only to be offered by the outdoors. I hope you like our post about the best hikes in GA.

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