Top 3 Best Hiking Boot Brands Reviewed and Tested in 2021

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Check our opinion about the best hiking boot brands. Nothing is going to ruin your hike faster than poor quality hiking boots. As a hiker, you need to ensure you have the right boots for the terrain and of course offer all round protection of your feet and ankles.

There are many different brands and styles available on the market and deciding what type of boot takes some consideration.

If you wish to hike whatever the weather then perhaps a high cut boot is the best option, as in the cooler months will keep your feet warm and as they are a high cut style, offer secure ankle protection. If you wish to wear something for light duty hiking the lower cut boot or shoe is a good option.

The choice of leather or fabric in the boot comes down to comfort and weight, leather boots are generally the heavier option, but with good care and attention, will last for years.

At first leather boots may feel stiff and chaff a little, but over time the leather will soften and shape itself to the contours of your feet. The fabric designs are lighter and more comfortable and can usually be worn without issue straight out of the box.

Best Hiking Boot Brands

What To Look For In Modern Hiking Boots

Modern hiking boots are manufactured with many high-tech materials, look for boots with Vibram soles, this material is tough, very hard wearing with a nice spongy feel to it, the upper boot material to look for should be treated with Gore-Tex, this fabric repels water while allowing water vapour to pass through it. Depending on your need, make sure the boot is waterproof as opposed to water resistant.

Getting the correct size boot is critical so do not rush this process. Try on the boot for size and comfort in store, its best to bring a pair of hiking socks with you to assist in assessing the fitment of the boot.

Ensure you have room at the front of the boot for toe movement, check that there is not excessive tightness around the heel and that you are the contour of your foot fits snugly inside the boot.

On lacing up the boot, the boot should keep your foot in place, stand on a slope and see if your foot moves towards the front of the boot that’s not a good sign as you could possibly end up losing a toenail or two.

Budget is always an issue so you need to buy boots that are in your price range. At the same time, remember that quality will make all the difference when you are hiking and spending a bit more not only means more comfort and protection but much better durability.

A poorly made pair of boots will last a few hikes whereas a quality pair will keep going strong for many years. Here are a few top-rated hiking boots;

Salomon Quest 4D II GTX

An absolute winner here, the Salomon Quest is an excellent all-round hiking boot, from the grip in all terrain to the water resistance the Quest has it all, the superior build quality and design gives unparalleled support of the feet and ankles. The materials are flexible yet strong, the boot can handle any conditions you throw at it for hours at an end, ideal for short or long excursions, the choice of many hikers. This is a must buy hiking boot.


Keen Targhee II Mid

The boot for the budget conscious, great comfort and feel with very good traction, the boots protective rubber at the front of the boot helps protect from stubbing toes, and the thick sole works well on any surface. The boot is mostly made of leather and is waterproof, but due to good design decisions is very breathable and has a core following of hikers who vouch for these boots. Look no further for versatility and reliability.



With a hard to miss colour scheme and sole, the Tor Ultra Hi offers outstanding comfort in a hiking boot. The high ankle collar coupled with the high-quality lacing system, the boot is very secure. Not as waterproof as other hiking boots this one is built for maximum comfort. Reports of low durability won’t see this boot lasting for years, but if you are looking for good stability combined with low weight then this boot may be the one you are looking for.


Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Boot

Built with a seamless lining, the renegade will ensure comfort during you hike. The boot is a higher cut for good ankle protection, the nubuck leather has added Gore-Tex for waterproofing. All in all, the Lowa renegade is a good all-round hiking boot. Offering comfort, good grip and stylish design, you won’t go wrong choosing a pair of these.


In Conclusion

There is, as always, a huge selection of hiking boots to choose from various brands, not all of them use the same materials in manufacturing the boot, so it is wise to find a boot which will offer durability and affordability whilst not compromising comfort and protection. Not all boots are made equal and are designed for different terrains and applications.

Establishing what type of hiking environments you will be drawn to will help in choosing the right boot for the right job, comfort and style are important, but first and foremost should be protection of your feet and ankles and above all, your safety.

Hope this guide has helped, choose well and enjoy many miles of comfortable all terrain hiking. I hope that this post about the best hiking boot brands clarified you questions.

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