The Best Hydration Pack for Running Reviewed

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 Durable, Dependable, Great Company and Good to Go

Brand loyalty asides, when it came time to replace my old running pack I wanted something smaller, lighter, and more than just a “bladder in a bag.” CamelBak has always been the name for me, it was the brand I started hiking with and I’ve never felt the need to change.

The CamelBak 2016 Rogue Hydration Pack has not provided any reason for that to change. It’s not only a good running pack it’s a great running pack and it provides an ideal hydration solution while trail running.

The first feature is that it’s simple nylon with 210 denier PU coated on the outside and 70D diamond clarus on the inside with DWR coating. Nothing fancy, nothing heavy, no extra clips. The material is very lightweight (only 0.94lb) as has a little give to it which means while it’s not technically expandable you can stuff it a little if you’re putting a few extras in there.

This makes it ideal if you’re adding a light rain jacket just to be on the safe side or a snack bar or two in the pocket. It’s not bulky, and it’s not heavy so you’re not weighing yourself down with extra just to take a bag with you on your run to carry hydration with you.

The bladder is a standard CamelBak bladder that holds 70oz. That’s extremely convenient. It means you can source it anywhere, and if anything breaks you can get parts anywhere. Mold resistant, bacteria resistant, and as long as you take care of it this thing will last forever.

I’ve had to replace a few bite valves before and tube might need to be trimmed depending on where you want yours sitting but these are all standard pieces for CamelBak and you can get them at any outdoors place. There’s also a quick release flap at the back which allows you to refill the reservoir without having to take it out of the pack.

The third feature I love is the actual design. It’s very well thought out with lots of convenient features like a clip for your keys, mesh rather than fabric pockets to keep weight down, and ventilated straps for comfort. The straps also have a U cut shape at the top of the bag so that it sits better on your back and doesn’t put as much strain on your shoulders.  

 While it’s technically supposed to be a cycling pack I really don’t see a difference for running, it’s a sports pack, and the straps stay snug to your shoulders without chaffing or rubbing.

Best Hydration Pack for Running – The Camelback 2016 Rogue Hydration

Features and Specifications

  • It’s 210D nylon on the outside and 70D on the inside.
  • It has 1 interior pocket and two exterior pockets with mesh inserts to reduce weight and add organization.
  • There’s also a key clip for organization.
  • The straps have mesh and are adjustable for comfort. There is also a chest strap for stability and a U cut out across the shoulders to keep the pack level and distribute the weight better.  
  • The pack holds a standard 70oz CamelBak bladder with the on/off valve on the tube with convenient placement.
  • It weighs less than a 1lb total and is very lightweight.
  • The pack is 5.9” wide, 11” across and 15.5” tall.  
  • It comes in 5 different colors and has a reflective strip across the back which is also an attachment point for a light or blinker.

What Customers Are Saying

Despite being an ultralight bag it’s very packable and has a suprising amount of stretch to it. You can fit a lot of extra snack bars and a light jacket in there as well as hydration so it’s not just a convenient bag for water. The design really has plenty of space for extra and you can probably add more water if needed into the side pouches too.

The pack does move around a lot and the straps can be abrasive against bare skin which is uncomfortable when used for long periods. This also means that many racerback tops which you wear when running or doing sports don’t work with this pack as it chafes.

It’s probably best to simply wear a t shirt underneath as this lets you tighten the straps down and fixes the issue so that they don’t rub on your skin. It will also save you from getting sunburn too!

It’s so easy to recommend the CamelBak Rogue Hydration pack because my closet is literally stuffed with products by them. I’ve got everything from a basic to milspec and they’re so reliable.

Who Should Buy This Product

This is ideal for someone who is a sports enthusiast. That means runner, cyclist, hiker, etc. It’s also good for someone who does ultralight and tough enough to withstand a mudder race I would imagine, especially with the PU coating on the outside.

This is good for men or taller women because of the length. This would also be a good pack to have as a second pack if you’ve got a day pack or a trekking pack and want to add a day pack or extra hydration pack because this will fit well on the chest as well.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

This is probably not the right bag for a skier or climber because there is a bit of motion in the bag and there’s no waist belt to tape it down.  

It’s also not good if you’re going for an overnight hike or a day hike and will need more than basic hydration. This would also not work if you’re looking for a pack for a smaller woman or child as it is very long at 15.5”.


This is a reliable brand, and the CamelBak Rogue Hydration 70 is a good size and a great design for most sports enthusiasts. It’s perfect for runners because it’s light and it doesn’t impede motion while still giving you easy access to hydration. It’s well thought out and made of quality materials too. Best hydration pack for running in my opinion.

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