The Best Mountain Bike Tires of 2021 Reviewed

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This post is about the best mountain bike tires available. Mountain biking has got to be one of the dodgiest sports out there, in a good way! The concept is simple enough and comes straight from our childhood days. Grab a bike, find a steep hill, and race you to the bottom! Granted the more mature and developed version is far more complex, intricate, and thrilling!

Maneuvering the most exhilarating trails out there requires a boat load of skill, guts, and of course having your equipment dialed in to the point to match all the conditions and variables a trail could throw at you. As such, choosing the right tires is nothing to play with, and when it comes to making this decision few tires suit a mountain biker better than the Maxxis Minion.

The best mountain bike tires


Trying to fine tune your tires to suit every single condition you could encounter on the trail can be exhausting and tedious. Sure, you want to do everything you can to try to prepare yourself for what’s coming just around the bend, but with so many variables that could change by the hour, it’s impossible to acclimate to all of them.

That’s why it’s better to opt for a tire like the Maxxis Minion that is suited to handle and perform outstandingly in a variety of conditions. Whether it’s dry gravel or soft dirt, this tire will provide you with the set up to grip, climb, and dive all the better.

Front or Rear Specific

One of the tricky things to figure out when configuring your mountain bike set up is how to properly mix and match on a good front wheel and rear wheel set up. You want your front wheel to cushion the hands and maximize control, while your rear tire can help you navigate turns faster.

The good news about the Maxxis Minion is that it can be used for both your rear and front wheel set ups! That means the tire is actually well rounded enough to provide the rider an exceeding amount of benefit in both positions. It helps with the turn, the comfort, and even the climb.

Great for the Downhill

It’s true, to be a great mountain biker you have to be holistically well rounded in your skill set. Especially as a competitor, the race may be won on the ascent, but that does not take away from the thrill of the downhill portion. The Maxxis Minion, particularly the DHF variant, just adds to this.

While, as previously stated, it is a generally well rounded tire for all aspects of the trail, it is also particularly adapted for giving you an edge on the downhill descents. In particular, the ramped center tread provides it great rollability and really allows the rider to experience confidence in attacking side knobs during the descent.

If you want to be able to approach the downhill portion of your ride with focus and determination, knowing your tire will hold up perfectly, the Maxxis Minion is for you.

Features and Specifications

  • The Maaxis Minion is best suited for a variety of ride types, including trail, freeriding, and downhill riding.
  • The Maaxis Minion provides durability via mass and weighs in at 1lb 13.8oz (845g).
  • The tread pattern features a ramped knob which reduces rolling resistance and allows the rider to attack the climb.
  • The EXO sidewall protection on the Maxxis Minion reduces pinches and abrasions from the tires peripherals.
  • The Maaxis Minion can be run as either with or without a tube depending on your rim specifications.
  • The final measurements of the tire come in options of 26”, 27.5”, or 29” in circumference with a width of 2.3”.

What Customers are Saying

User are raving that the Maxxis Minion is the go to tire for a variety of riders and styles. Many riders are impressed with the tire’s cornering ability, reliability, and durability, but it still seems it’s the versatility of the tire and its ability to handle a variety of styles and purposes that is winning the hearts of its users.

However, even among the good reviews this tire has gotten, some users have remarked that the tire doesn’t always perform well in sticky mud.

This could be an expected condition to encounter some difficulty in with most set ups, and this should definitely be in consideration when on the trail with the Maxxis Minion.

In all, the versatility and durability of this monster tire is more than enough for me to recommend it to any adventurous mountain biker!

Who Should Buy this Product

The Maxxis Minion line of tires is best suited for the mountain biker who doesn’t want to be held down or defined by just a single riding style. This rider likely likes to push their self to their limits by trying new trails, conditions, and challenges on their bike.

Who Shouldn’t Buy this Product

The Maxxis Minion is a great mountain biking tire designed for and by great mountain bikers. The tire can feel a bit technical to inexperienced riders, so it might be a little much for a new rider or someone coming from a more casual perspective.  


This tire is an all-around beast, and it’s obvious why its labeled the “go to” of tires. It’s versatile and won’t be giving out in a hurry under even the more strenuous conditions. That’s why I recommend the Maxxis Minion as one of the best mountain bike tires available!

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