Best Night Vision Goggles Under $500 Reviewed in 2018

 Night vision goggles are the easiest way to detect movement, size of objects, body heat, and much more when it is dark outside. There are many popular uses for night vision goggles – many outdoor enthusiasts use them for camping, hunting, fishing, boating, and wildlife observation.

Best Night Vision Goggles Under $500 Review

They can also be used for security monitoring as well as paranormal exploration. While many night vision goggles can be very expensive, there are several models on the market that are more affordable, coming in at under $500. Of these options, the Bushnell LYNX Gen 1 Night Vision Binocular is the best night vision goggles under $500.

Bushnell is a high quality brand that is known for making a variety of different hunting products and gear. These night vision goggles are no exception – they are made from a very durable and lightweight material that is easy to hold for long periods of time.

The goggles maintain their magnification and quality lenses for hundreds of uses, making them a great investment for outdoor or security purposes.

These goggles are particularly good because they offer a long range and good magnification optics. The magnification is 2.5x with a 40 mm set of objective lenses.

The infrared light for night vision viewing is designed for long distances of up to 90 yards, so they are ideal for wildlife observation or any other outdoor activity you may want to participate in at night. When the infrared light is turned off, the lenses amplify the natural light around you to make your surroundings brighter.

These night vision goggles are also extremely comfortable to use for long periods of time. The lightweight material makes them easy to hold, and the lenses are designed to sit comfortably on your face without irritating your skin. The coated lenses won’t strain your eyes, and they are weather resistant to give you the clearest picture possible regardless of your surroundings.

Features and Specifications

  • The goggles have 2.5x magnification and 40mm objective lenses.
  • They require a set of two AAA batteries to run, which aren’t included with the product.
  • They have an infrared light that provides optics for up to 90 yards.
  • The lensed are AR coated glass to provide a clear picture. They are also designed to be weather resistant.

What Customers Are Saying

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Customers like these goggles because they are very easy to use and provide great night vision without an expensive price tag. The lenses are very clear and the infrared light is bright, which allows for a detailed picture of your surroundings in low light.

This makes it easy to hunt, camp, or keep your property secure. Customers find the magnification to be very good for such a good price, and the coated lenses keep the picture clear even in bad weather.

Although the majority of customers find these night vision goggles to be very helpful for use in dark situations, some find that they can be difficult to focus and adjust upon first use.

They need to be adjusted to get a perfectly clear view as you move, which can be difficult to get used to if you haven’t used this kind of binoculars in the past.

Despite the initial difficulty refocusing the lenses, with a bit of practice, most customers found that they were very easy to use and provided the clear night vision that they needed.

They also found that the lightweight construction of the goggles made it easier to adjust them and continue to use them over a long period of time, especially when compared to other goggles at a similar price point. Therefore, it is easy to recommend these night vision goggles as the best model for the price.

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Who Should Buy This Product?

There are many people who would enjoy and benefit from these night vision goggles. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who wants to be able to practice your favorite hobbies at night, these night vision goggles will be very helpful for that.

Those who want to watch wildlife that comes out at night will find them to be useful, as well as those who love to camp, hike, fish, and hunt at night. They can also be used to surveil your property at night and protect it from any intruders. Some even find them useful for paranormal exploration, as they make it easier to move around comfortably at night.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

Because this product is very reasonably priced, it does have some limitations in terms of how far you can see at night while using it. If you are looking for night vision goggles that are extremely bright or that provide a field of vision that’s more than 90 yards away, then you may want to opt for a more expensive model of night vision goggles.


You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to have great night vision goggles. These Bushnell LYNX Gen 1 goggles provide high quality lenses that are comfortable and durable to use, but they don’t break the bank. Their strong construction ensures that you’ll get your money’s worth from this purchase.


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