The Best One-Person Tent Reviews in 2021

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I know some people who backpack tentless. They look at the weather forecast, determine the likelihood of rain and then set off into the wilds with basic gear, food, and a mat. When night falls, they roll out the mat and sleep with nothing between them and the stars but air. Not me.

Just the thought of sleeping exposed like that gives me the willies. I need the peace of mind of a good sturdy tent around my body. That doesn’t mean I want to carry a mini hotel room on my back. A good one-person tent, with just enough room and not too much weight is what I want. And the Big Agnes Copper Spur delivers. I’d call it the best one-person tent on the market.

The Best One-Person Tent – The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1


There is one reason that people backpack without a tent: they are crazy. No, I jest. It’s the weight. They don’t want the extra pounds a tent adds to their pack. And they don’t constantly envision tree spiders descending onto their unprotected faces. If I’m going to pack a tent, it’s got to take up minimal space and weight. The Copper Spur is a champ in this department. It packs down to a respectably small size at just 4 inches by 16.5 inches and weighs just 2.5 pounds.  

Interior Space

Roominess. That’s what you want in a tent. Imagine waking up to a rain burst. You don’t feel like getting out of the tent and soaking your gear and self. So you wait it out in the tent. Now imagine that the tent ceiling is five inches from your face. Now imagine not going stir-crazy. Can’t? Me neither. The Copper Spur HV UL1 uses high-volume hubs (meaning many tent poles come together in one place, or hub) that allows the tent to achieve maximum living space without adding weight. There’s even a oversized ceiling pocket for storage and media pockets above the sleeping area for your phone and earbuds. Let it rain.

Frustration Free Doors

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It’s dark. I need to, uh, answer the call of nature. I don’t want to wrestle with my tent. The Copper Spur features a large door that a decent sized person can easily get in and out of without getting tripped up and the dual zippers on the doors make it a breeze to open and close. Plus there’s a Quick Stash on the tent door to stow the unzipped door flap. The tent also features a zippered vestibule with storm flaps, providing a protected space to put your mud-soaked boots, as well as a protected area to pull those boots on again should you also need to…go.

Features and Specifications

  • Durable double ripstop nylon
  • Fly and floor feature 1200mm waterproof coating
  • Ultralight plastic clips attach tent to poles
  • Interior space: 38” wide at the head x 28” wide at the foot
  • Interior space: 88” lenght x 38” height
  • Floor area: 20sqft
  • Packed weight: 2lbs 8oz
  • Packed size: 4”x16.5”

What people say about it

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The Big Agnes Copper Spur series (they also make the UL2, UL3 and UL4 for 2, 3 and 4 people) makes it onto everyone’s top ten lists. People everywhere love how light yet durable it is. The ease of setup is a favorite too. And time and time again, people rave how it can really weather a storm. The biggest complaint is that the footprint (that’s the protective thick fabric piece that goes under the tent) is sold separately. But I think it’s a minor snag in an otherwise perfect piece of backpacking equipment.

With everything the Copper Spur has to offer, from living space to portability, I just don’t think you’re going to find a more reliable, durable and well-thought-out tent than this one. I fully recommend.

Who I Think Should Buy the Copper Spur

Backpackers! Anyone who wants to get out and see the wilds of the world but doesn’t want to get wet when it rains. Or be blown away by the wind. Or…face spiders. It’s not a bad option for car camping either. Just because it’s light doesn’t mean it’s only for backpacking. With all that interior space it’s the perfect tent for one person in any camp.

Who Shouldn’t Buy It?

Well that’s easy. Anyone who wants to share a tent. While it’s roomy, two people are going to feel very cramped. But that’s what the UL2 is for. If you’re just a casual camper and are always going to car camp, you may as well invest in a larger tent. Cause spreading out and being comfortable is always nice.  


You’ll be hard pressed to find a better choice out there for a one-person tent. It’s light enough to keep your pack weight down to a reasonable amount, but roomy enough to not feel like you’re a tightly rolled burrito. The pole hub design and rip-stop fabric features make the tent durable and sturdy. This is the tent you want to take with you when you need a bit more than just your ego to protect you from the elements. What do you think about the best one-person tent that we showed you?

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