The 3 Best Road Bike Helmets Reviews 2021

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These are the best road bike helmets in the world of cycling, there are many different types of cycling, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are many different types of cycling helmets as well. Some helmets are meant for mountain biking, others are meant for recreation. Today we are going to talk about road bike helmets.

Best Road Bike Helmets

What makes a road bike helmet any different

Road bike helmets are lighter than most other helmets. They can achieve this by sacrificing the visor, giving it a lower profile for an unobstructed view when a rider is in a crouched position. You may have seen some road helmets that look similar to alien heads, with what looks to be an arrow and you may have seen some that look like an ordinary helmet without the visor.

For the most part road bikes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they that one thing in common. With all of these different options to chose from it can be overwhelming, trying to decide which helmet is best for you (we are talking about brain protection after all). That is why today I am going to give a list of a few helmets that I have done some research on and let you know which one is best.

Kask CPSC Infinity Helmet

This is one of sleekest helmets I have ever seen (I especially like the gloss black helmet), and looks are a huge deal when it comes to bike helmets.  It has a slide open vent on the top allowing for added airflow in the helmet, and believe us; this makes a huge difference on hot days (especially when you start riding downhill).

The fact that it slides so that you have the option of air flow or aerodynamics is a really nice touch, and applaud the people over at task for thinking of that.

Speaking of airflow, this helmet has Coolmax interior padding on the inside to keep your head cool while protecting it at the same time. This material is easily removable so you can wash it when it starts to smell. Also, there is a leather chin strap instead of a polyester one.

They have added this to keep from having that sweaty polyester stench most chin straps get over time. Kask has designed an auto-fit system that secures the helmet to your head very snug to maintain the aerodynamic nature of their helmet.

Should you buy this helmet?

There is no denying, this is a rather expensive helmet. But when it comes to protecting your brain, I would like to think that most of us will spare no expense. This helmet gives you ultimate security and maximum speed, due to its aerodynamic nature. Plus, it looks awesome. If you are a serious cyclist, then I would say go ahead and purchase one of these bad boys.


JK Sports Specialized Airnet Helmet

This is one of the sweetest looking helmets on the market today, and it is inspired by vintage racing helmets. You may have seen this helmet on some professional cycling courses, and the reason for that is because it is a beast of a helmet. 

From aerodynamic design to helmet ventilation, these guys have nailed every aspect to making a quality helmet. This helmet is unlike any other of its kind because it has air ventilation holes throughout the helmet (usually something road helmet manufacturers try and stay away from). But somehow, they managed to have them without sacrificing too much speed.

It comes with an interior padding of merino wool (this stuff is incredible for wicking moisture from your body and maintaining cool temperatures), but it also has an optional attachment for a MIPS version helmet liner, making this even lighter and giving it more breathability that it comes packaged as. Should you get this helmet? 

The design quality of the Airnet Helmet is unique in every way. From the air holes throughout the helmet to the use of merino wool as padding. And it even comes in several different colors so you can further stand out in the sea of cyclists. If you enjoy adding your own flavor to everything you do, then you will probably love this helmet.

Kali Protectives Tava Helmet

This is one day going to be a new standard of road bike helmets. It offers some ventilation around the edges of the helmet but maintains it’s aerodynamic integrity at the top with a smooth low profile finish. Kali clearly put a lot of work into this gem. 

 They have claimed that wind tunnel testing shows this helmet was able to reduce wind drag by 50 grams at five-degree offsets. What does that mean for you? That means an ability to knock off a half of a second per kilometer traveled.

Basically, this is a helmet that is capable of cheating wind. And while it does appear to be a casual riding helmet the science behind it (or at least what is claimed) will make this a serious competitor in the world of road helmets.

Should you buy this helmet?

This is still a very new product, and as with every new product, there may be some kinks that need to be worked out before it reaches its full potential. Plus as of today this product is only available in matte black, and sure that may look slick, but it offers zero visibility when riding at night. If you like being on the forefront of new technology, then this may be a helmet you could invest in. If not, then you will probably want to go another way.

Wrap – Up

Protecting your head from blunt trauma is a major priority in all walks of life. In cycling, it is even more important. Today we looked at some high-quality protective gear that will have you looking good while wearing it. Either way, you go, whichever product you choose, you will be making a winning purchase. I hope you liked out best road bike helmets that we presented.

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