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Supination, or Under-pronation, is the bane of many long-distance runners. Whether you are engaged in the odd fun run or charity event, or a dedicated athlete, the stress supination puts on your joints can cause long-term harm, and serious injury. At the very least it leads to protracted discomfort and inferior performance.

The problem presents itself in runners and other athletes as an inadequate roll of the foot inwards when landing.

The action places extra stress on the foot by bearing too much weight on the outside of the foot arch. Untreated it can lead to muscle problems with the such as iliotibial band syndrome in the knee, Achilles damage, and eventually to the dreaded Plantar fasciitis.

While the market for running shoes appears to be a hotbed of innovation, very little work has been done to assist with the damage an under-pronating stride will have on the body. Rather shoe manufacturers appear to be determined to race to the shoe with the most cushioning, the lightest feel, or the greatest rebound.

Best Running Shoes For Supination – Newton Running Gravity V

These are all noble goals of course, however only the Newton Running Gravity V (and the other Newton shoes) have been specifically designed to deal with the way the runners’ foot interacts with the ground. Only the Newton shoes have been specifically developed to deal with supination in runners.

Features and Specification:

  • Synthetic material
  • Engineered mesh – seamless and lightweight.
  • 4-way Stretch mesh Metatarsal Panel – Offers a more individualized fit.
  • Overlays – Are anatomically placed to provide a secure fit.
  • Stabilization tongue – Features a radial band to provide a comfortable precision fit.
  • Heel Lace Lock – Provides a snug heel lockdown.
  • Highly responsive POP 1 (Point of Power) cushions for ultimate rebound, promotes ball-strike in running (as opposed to heel-strike).

The creators of the Newton running shoes are from Colorado, a mecca for outdoor running enthusiasts. Being long-distance runners themselves, they were repeatedly frustrated by the way shoe technology was developing.

The fundamentals of running haven’t changed in thousands of years, only the footwear has. As shoes became larger, with more cushioning and heel weight, the shoes themselves lead runners into bad habits, such as developing a heel-striking technique.

The people at Newton noticed that as runners, when they wore their typical running shoes, they attacked the ground by hitting with their heels first. However, when they took off their shoes and ran barefoot, their stride changed and they struck the ground with the ball of their foot first.

Looking into the physics and physiology of the foot and ankle, they decided that a running technique that was built around a ball-of-foot strike created better cushioning for the ankles and knees, greater rebound when the foot pushed off the ground, and greatly reduced the ankle roll and stresses caused by supination.

They then set about designing and developing a running shoe that promoted a ball-of-foot striking stride, where they developed the PoP system. PoP involves a series of lugs at the front of the shoe that creates explosive rebound and promotes a more natural running stride.

As a result of this endeavor, Newton have become the only shoe company in the world that has designed a running shoe that seeks to prevent supination, rather than just protect from it.

You Will Love These Shoes If You…

Undertake any form of long distance running, and have ITB pain, knee or ankle soreness. The reason being that the Newton Running Gravity V utilises the patented POP cushions under the ball of the foot to promote a better running style.

You like dynamic footwear. Newton running shoes don’t just work differently, they look different as well. Available in a wide range of dynamic and electric colours, the Newtons are highly visible.

You Won’t Love These Shoes If You…

Want cross trainers. Newton running shoes are designed specifically for running, and their tread and cushion patterns make them incompatible with other sports. If you want to play basketball, tennis, lacrosse and run without changing shoes, the Newtons are not for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sizing work?

Newtons are designed to fit into the US shoe sizing standards, however anecdotally the shoes tend to size a little small. If you generally fit a US 7, then you should try the US 7.5 in the Newtons.

What are the POP cushions for?

Newtons have developed the patented Point of Power lugs for the soles of their shoes, which represents the design element that makes the shoes so unique. It incorporates 5 oblong cushions that fit slightly behind the ball of the foot. The cushions create an optimum rebound/reaction response, promoting the runner into a more natural stride. The performance of the lugs also ensures the minimum amount of energy is lost in the stride.

Is my whole foot protected?

The superior rebound and energy response that has been built into the front of the shoe is translated into a heel that is carefully cushioned.

The cushioning is built into the exterior of the sole, with a hollow directly under the heel to reduce impact pressure. The shoes are designed for all styles of outdoor running, and the developers understand that in certain terrains ball-striking is impractical.


The Newton Running Gravity V shoe is a running shoe that has been designed by runners with the primary objective of eliminating supination. Rather than develop a new form of heel cushion to protect runners from the stresses inadequate running techniques puts on their body, Newtons have decided to create a shoe that promotes a better technique.

The cushioning and protection runners need is still there, but fundamentally the Newton will change your stride. If you suffer from knee or ankle soreness after a run, if you have experienced the pain and frustration of plantar fasciitis, then you should definitely try the Newton range of shoes, as they’re one of the best running shoes for supination.

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