The Best Soft Cooler of 2021 Reviewed

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Choosing the best soft cooler isn’t a walk in the park, though a great ice cooler can make a walk the park that much better. For real though, it’s serious business, and choosing just the right soft cooler requires taking a lot into consideration. How easy is it to clean? How fast does ice melt in it? Will it leak at all? There can be a lot to get right, and wrong, when it comes to ice coolers, fortunately the AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas cooler appears to get most things right when it comes to the features and value you want in a great soft cooler.

Best soft cooler

Pack it Down

The deal is, if you’re opting for taking a soft cooler it’s because you are likely going somewhere where hauling the kitchen fridge isn’t an option. And while packing up the fridge is as ludicrous as it sounds, the AO Coolers 24 serves as the next best thing. This cooler comes easy to carry and easy to pack while still holding its own in terms of volume. Save some room in the car for those weekend outings, or keep your boat deck better organized by opting for the AO Coolers 24. It’ll keep your drinks cold and your space clutter free.

Value and Performance on Par

Not only does the AO Canvas cooler pack well, but it also stays true to its promises of top quality performance while not breaking the budget. In fact, this cooler works wonders in terms of retaining ice at an incredible rate, especially when compared with its far more expensive counterparts. This cooler’s resilience under the sun makes it perfect for outdoor parties, fishing trips, and sporting events. The best answer to sweltering weather is a cold drink, and the AO Canvas cooler is primed and ready to provide plenty with a 24 can capacity (or more depending on your preference!) and great temperature regulation.

Creatively Crafted

The real secret to the AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas’ success is in the material it’s made from, even down to its intricate stitching. It features a five-layered construction primed and ready to keep your drinks insulated and the bag durable for the wear and tear of any trip. On top of that, it boasts a nylon, water resistant outer shell coupled with an internal liner that is able to slow any unfortunate leaks. Add these design features on top of the various straps and pockets included with the cooler, and you’re left with a finely crafted cooler to be carried with convenience and ease.

Features and Specifications

  • The canvas and nylon makeup of this cooler provide it with a soft exterior making it comfortable to carry and haul anywhere.
  • The removable shoulder strap and additional side handles likewise allows some variation in how you’d like to transport your drinks.
  • This cooler also comes with side pockets perfect for storing dry items, such as snacks, to accompany your trip.
  • The durable design features .75 inches of insulation primed to keeping drinks cold and ready.
  • The cooler stands erect whether open or closed to allow for easy loading and unloading.
  • The AO Coolers 24 Canvas is able to withstand up to 120 degree weather while still holding ice!

What Customers are Saying

The AO Coolers 24 Canvas is being utilized by a variety of people all bent on keeping their goods nice and refrigerated no matter what the outing is. In particular, the fact that a soft cooler is able to withstand such high temperatures and still hold ice is the biggest pull in our book.  Boating trips, afternoon picnics, and weekend camping excursions are all great for the AO Canvas, and don’t be surprised when you still find ice in the cooler even well past 24 hours after stuffing it.

Most customers seem to be real satisfied with this cooler, however some people have said that fitting all 24 cans into the cooler can be a bit tricky with the added bulk of ice. While some opt to lower the number to 20 to accommodate ice, we feel it really comes down to perfecting your ice-to-can ratio and trusting the cooler to use what you’ve put into it to keep things chilled. It really is just another thing to put your mind at ease knowing your cooler will keep your drinks cold all day while you enjoy time out and about, that’s why I can definitely encourage anyone to go with the AO Coolers 24 Canvas cooler!

Who should Buy This Product

Easy! This product is for the weekend warrior, outdoor enthusiast, sports fanatic, and everyone in between who is wanting to get out of the house while still enjoying the comfort of a few cold beverages. This cooler is for those who are on the move and mobile, and also not afraid to lug the few pounds that the cooler and their drinks will inevitably entail.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

This cooler is very much for those who can, and want to be moving around outdoors while having access to beverages. It is not a wheeled cooler, so those not willing to do a little bit of minor lifting to get the cooler from point A to point B will be frustrated by the AO Canvas.


Cold drinks can be a God send on a sweltering summer day, and you really can’t trust just any generic cooler prone to leak all over your afternoon out. The AO Coolers 24 Canvas cooler is the way to go for a reliable, storable cooler.The best soft cooler is the one that suites your needs better. 

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