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tactical pants for everyday use

Best Tactical Pants for Everyday Use – Vertx Men’s Original Tactical Pants

Best tactical pants are great for the get up and go kind of individuals in the world today. They are durable so they are great for use in any situation.

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A decent pair are a great way to carry whatever you may need, no matter the occasion. With plenty of storage areas and pockets, these pants will allow you to carry the best gear for the job with ease and versatility.

Whether you wear them for work or play, tactical pants are sure to provide more protection than the regular everyday pants on the market. But which kind are the best tactical pants for everyday use? The answer is simple, Vertx Men’s Original Tactical Pants. These pants are sure to fulfill all your needs.


Vertx Men’s Original Tactical Pants were designed with the idea that the pants would be put through abuse, as most tactical pants are (that is why can call them best tactical pants for everyday use). They provide a double reinforced knee to add protection no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

A gusseted crotch design allows the wearer to stretch without the worry of ripping the crotch. The material used is flame retardant, which can be very handy in some situations. These pants were made with the intent to last. They are practical when you need to venture into the outdoors, but can also be good for holding all the modern day supplies you may need to tote with you daily.


Unlike most tactical pants, the Vertx Original Tactical pants are quite comfortable. They are made of 98% cotton with a 2% lycra blend, making them comfortable, no matter the time of year. These breathable pants are great in the desert, in the mountains or anywhere in between.

The pants include a side stretch waistband to help customize the fit for your body shape, so they are more comfortable to wear for a long period of time if necessary. They also include a gusseted crotch, allowing the wearer to be able to stretch and crouch with ease when necessary.

No matter what extreme conditions you need to face, these pants will help protect you and make ease of movement an issue you do not need to be concerned about.

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Low Profile Design with Lots of Storage

The low profile design and hidden pockets means you can wear these tactical pants on a night out.

Another feature that makes these pants great for everyday wear is their low profile design. You are able to wear the pants anywhere. The pants provide the full functionality you would expect from tactical pants, without making it look too obvious.

The cargo pockets are concealed on the inside of the pants, to make them less noticeable. They also include another hidden zippered pocket on the right side of the pants, to store your most precious things. This is what makes these the best tactical pants for everyday use in the city.

You can look great and stylish, yet no one will realize you are prepared for anything that may come your way. The spacious pockets do provide plenty of storage space to hold items you may need to carry with you, but don’t want to try to carry individually.

This is great if you are on the go and do not want to carry a bulky backpack around town.

Features and Specifications

  • These pants are 98% cotton but include a 2% Lycra blend for added comfort and stretch.
  • The back pockets have a flap over them, to prevent things from falling out easily.
  • The cargo pockets are on the inside of the pants, rather than being visible on the outside.
  • The knees of these pants are double reinforced for extra durability.
  • There is a hidden zippered pocket to keep your most precious items protected.
  • The Vertx Original Tactical pants come with a gusseted crotch for increased mobility.
  • The pants have a side stretch waistband for a customized fit.
  • These tactical pants are available to purchase in different colors.

What Customers Are Saying

One of the primary features most people liked about these pant is the comfort that they provided, due to their breathable fabric construction. They also thought the reinforced knees were great because they add just a little more padding in those areas.

There are some customers that did not appreciate the design of the legs. They found the legs to be rather large and bulky when compared to other tactical pants on the market.

Even though there are a few people who thought the legs are rather big, the majority of people found this to be one of the best attributes of the pants because all the pockets were concealed on the inside.

The Vertx Original Tactical pants are great because they combine a low profile style with comfort and durability to create a great pant that almost anyone would enjoy wearing.

Who Should Buy This Product

These pants are great for people who have a need for tactical pants for everyday use. They can be worn for military or civilian use. They can be used when traversing rough terrains and can also be worn in situations where you may need to change environmental conditions rapidly.

You can use them simply for the convenience of extra storage when on the go around town.

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Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

If you are in need of tactical pants that are waterproof, then these pants may not be the right choice for you, unless you want to add a water protection treatment to them. The pants are mostly made from cotton material, so they do not have the ability to repel water.

If anything, there could be a chance of the pants retaining water. Also, if you desire tight fitting tactical pants, there are other pants on the market that are better to suit your needs. The legs and crotch of these pants allow extra room for extra maneuverability.


The Vertx Original Tactical Pants are quite impressive. They are rugged while maintaining a level of comfort like no other tactical pants on the market today. This is mostly due to the softness of the cotton material they are made from.

The low profile design of the pants also makes them attractive. For these reasons, we selected the Vertex Original Tackle Pants as the best tactical pants for everyday use that are available on the market today.

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