The Best Tactical Vest Setup in 2021 – My Honest Review

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I needed an upgrade for my plate carrier and after doing a little digging came across the CRYE Precision JPC (Jumpable Plate Carrier) and was impressed with what I found.

When I started looking for the best tactical vest setup for me I realized there are so many plastic ones that just aren’t tough enough or have too much stuff! This is a nice minimal plate carrier which is one of the reasons it’s so versatile.

It comes with three Mag pouches but you can remove them if you want to just carry on your belt and a documents sleeve in the back. The modular Molle and Velcro allows you to carry what you need and it has a low profile which is convenient if you need it.

Best Tactical Vest Setup – CRYE Precision JPC

The straps and inside mesh make it comfortable to wear even for long periods. It’s impressively light and there’s also a Molle to run side plates if necessary.

This allows you to carry a full combat loadout, though it’s a compromise on the shoulder straps if you’re going to load it down that much.

This is the best minimal plate carrier I’ve found that still allows me to have full adaptability and it comes in a selection of colors and sizes which helps immensely since I’m a petite girl and tend to carry smaller plates (size relates to plates NOT your shirt size).

Arguably the most important feature is the Molle. It allows you to carry just about anything, any way, any how. The webbing is on the upper and lower on the front and there’s also some bungee shock cord on there to cinch everything down without feeling constricted.

There’s also Molle on the sides and Velcro on the back so you can attach more. The back has a big area of velcro which fits perfect for magazines better than Molle because you can keep it empty for a lower profile while still carrying mags on your belt. The webbing on the side straps also means you’ve got even more area to carry gear if needed.

The shoulder straps are low profile, thin, light, and they’re quite comfortable made from Hypalon. The plate carrier is essentially just two pieces joined by these.

They’re very adjustable with Velcro and the bar tacking means you can cut them to fit and then slide back the cover without worrying about it unravelling. The straps have a slideable cover which helps keep them protected from abrasions and getting cut accidentally.  

The side straps are also convenient because they have Molle as well so you can attach even more stuff. Having three straps helps keep everything in place and they’re multi-layered which makes them thick and sturdy.

They cinch tightly and have convenient Velcro to take it on and off in seconds and you can still adjust it depending on your layers without having to deal with buckles and clips. The shape of the straps also stops the vest getting in the way of shouldering a rifle while still protecting everything that’s important.

Inside has a really useful feature. There’s a little mesh panel at the top of the chest and at the upper shoulders.

This allows your skin to breathe and it makes wearing the carrier so much more comfortable. It’s a couple of inches square so it covers enough area that you won’t get scratched up or rubbed raw from the carrier pressing on you. If you’re seating it right (high) then you’ll really appreciate this little mesh.

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Features & Specifications

  • Molle & Velcro for total versatility when adding pouches and gear
  • Hypalon straps with Velcro and bar tacking so they can be cut and adjusted safely
  • The Molle also allows you to add on optional side plates for added protection
  • The whole thing is very light and minimal
  • CRYE also makes their own pouches and accessories for this but any Molle compatible will fit.
  • Multiple colors and sizes to fit uniforms
  • Has its own storage bag.
  • Vertical double stitching on the Molle for stability and strength.
  • 330D plate pocket
  • Cut out straps allow you to better shoulder a rifle
  • Three integrated mag pouches
  • Made in the USA
  • 2.0 version also has quick on/off, drag handle and zippers for other components.

What Customers Are Saying

The quality of this carrier is amazing and it’s just so functional. The straps work so well and the minimalist design means that you could even forget that this is there if you’ve got light armor in it.

If you’re using an M4 stock with a sling keeper it can catch in the loop at the strap, though most people are going to put it in the stock anyway.

There’s just nothing bad about this vest which is why it’s so easy to recommend.

Who Should Buy This Product

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Just about anyone who wants a minimalist carrier that is comfortable for 12+ hours. If you want versatility this is it, and if you want to be able to carry just about everything or strip it down to nothing then the JPC is ideal. It’s probably overkill for the NERF crew but it would work for that as well as airsoft.

This is a vest for people who want to do work and it’s tough enough to stand up to any job and keep you safe. The size options means there are plenty of versions out there depending on your plate needs too.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

Don’t buy this if you’re just looking for something for fun, it’s a functional piece of work equipment which is why I think it’s really too much for the NERF crew.

This isn’t a cheap quality vest, and it will last in combat. It’s also not suited if your colors vary outside multicam, coyote, or black since those are the only colors CYE does at the moment.


This is absolutely one of the best tactical vest setup. It’s so versatile with the Molle and Velcro and you really don’t need the 2.0. The straps are minimalist and capable, just like the vest itself, and it’s great for loading down or stripping down to nothing which makes it ideal for any situation.

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