Best Ways to Use a Vacuum Sealer for Prepping

vacuum-sealerA couple of years ago I got a vacuum sealer as a gift for Christmas. It seemed nice but I wasn’t blown away. The basic function of a vacuum sealer is to remove most of the air from a plastic bag that contains the target item, then seal the bag. The bag has to be made for vacuum sealing – not any bag will do.

A vacuum sealer is primarily used in the kitchen to help food stay fresh longer. It works too! The food can’t oxidize as quickly since there isn’t much air or oxygen near the food. Great!

Later I realized that the it could be useful for keeping things dry and clear of moisture. That is a pretty powerful property when you start to think about it.

Best Ways to Use a Vacuum Sealer for Prepping

Here’s the FoodSaver V3420 rig I have in my kitchen.

I have the FoodSaver V3420 in my kitchen.  Check it out here on Amazon.

Store Food Longer

Food will spoil over time, especially when food is exposed to oxygen, moisture, heat, and light. And, the more exposure the faster the spoilage will happen. When you use a vacuum sealer, you greatly limit the oxygen and moisture so you can really extend the life of the food.

The chart below is for the FoodSaver and you can expect the same results from most other vacuum sealers too. Clearly, if you can keep the food in the darker, colder freezer then you can greatly extend the life of the food.


You see that you can store dry items in the vacuum sealers too – like rice, pasta, or flour! Now, you can see the value for prepping. That stuff can last for years.


Store Ammo

I didn’t think of this at first. But I saw some vendors at a gun show that had their ammo in vacuum sealer. They said that it was great to keep moisture OUT of the ammo. It may not matter much if you are in the dessert, but if you live in the Pacific Northwest, then it may be a very good idea.


Bug Out Bag

You can vacuum seal your clothes to keep them dry AND compress them. It really makes it smaller which can be a very value quality. You can vacuum seal medicine, vitamin, and so on, again to keep them dry as long as they are sealed

As you can see vacuum sealers are super versatile in the kitchen. And, they can serve you well in prepping and survival.

By using a simple vacuum sealer, you can be more effective storing:

  • Food
  • Ammo
  • Supplies
  • Clothes
  • and More…

Check out the FoodSaver V3420 on Amazon.

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