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Best Whittling Knife for 2018

The Flexcut Whittlin Jack is best whittling knife, great little knife which has a clever design. I’ve never whittled before but had heard it can be calming so I wanted to give it a try. I’m very creative by nature and I liked the idea of a folding blade knife for safety reasons.

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Sharp as a surgeons knife and better looking

The company seems quite reputable and it’s a good size at only 3oz. The aluminum frame is light enough that it’s easy to wield and with two blades it’s like buying two for the price of one.

The blades are obviously the best feature. What’s the point in buying the knife if not for the blades. They’re presharpened and come good right out of the box. The roughing knife is 2” and the detail knife is 1.5” which are both standard. Both are made using High Carbon Steel which is stronger and retains its edge better so these will stay sharper.

Unless you chip the blade these will last a long time. It also comes with the honing compound so that when it starts to dull you don’t have to purchase anything to sharpen it. It’s surgically sharp, so that shouldn’t be for a while though.

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Another Great Feature

Is the handle. It’s a contoured shape that is only 4” when closed so it’s convenient and easy to carry without taking up much room. The veneer is a nice touch and adds detail.

It has a slight bow shape so that it fits better into the curve of the palm when being held and helps prevent discomfort if you want to carve for long periods. It also doesn’t add a lot of weight and because it folds you don’t have to worry about a sheath or accidentally cutting yourself when it’s not opened.

The dual bladed design is also a great feature because you’re getting two knives in one. While some might consider this pricey for a basic knife if you were to purchase both the roughing and detail knife separate it would cost more so it’s also economical.

The two blades sit easily side by side and don’t take up any more space than a standard pocket knife would. By only having two blades it’s a great beginner knife and isn’t hand specific so this will work for anyone and is an ideal gift for a novice carver.

Best Whittling Knife – Flexcut Whittlin Jack

Features And Specifications

  • It weighs 3oz and is 4” long when folded.
  • The two blades are a 1.5” detail knife and a 2” roughing knife. Both come factory presharpened and are made of High Carbon Steel.
  • The knife also comes with honing compound for when it does need sharpening.
  • The handle is curved for comfort.
  • It has a veneer inlay and the blades are polished to a mirror shine.
  • The knife is made in the USA.

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What Customers are Saying

This is a flame sharp knife, so sharp it’s surgical and almost hard to believe upon delivery. It’s something you should just take the company’s word for unless you want to be getting out the first aid kit.

The steel is high quality and cuts through wood smoothly making it a pleasure to use.

The biggest problem with this knife is that there’s no blade lock and the nail indent for pulling the blades out is a little shallow.

If you don’t have a lot of nail it can be tough to catch in there and pull each blade out without having to pull out the other blade as well. This can be remedied with tweezers and does get a little easier over time as they loosen.

I love that this knife is proudly made in the US of A!!

As one of the most common names that came up when researching these knives this seems a great brand, and since it appears to be a quality knife I’m more than comfortable recommending the Whittlin Jack.

Who Should Buy This Product ( and why do we think it is the Best Whittling Knife )

This is ideal for someone who likes the Carving Jack and Pocket Jack or wants to replace one since you’re getting both knives in one and at a cheaper price than buying both.

It would also be ideal for someone who finds that a heavier knife or another knife that they’re using is causing fatigue for long periods because the lightweight design and curved handle help to prevent fatigue and make this easy to use for long periods.

This is an ideal knife for a beginner carver or for someone who is carving for the first time.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

This would not be ideal for someone who wants a spoon knife or additional tools to carry. It’s fairly basic and there are versions with more tools on them if you want the whole collection to carry.

Similarly, I don’t think this is suitable for smaller children or experienced carvers. It’s very much a beginner knife and quite basic in nature.

I also don’t think this would be suitable for someone who needs a lock on the blades, though they are quite tough to get out there’s nothing to stop them sliding open as such which is a safety concern (like in a house with young children).

Commonly Asked Questions about Best Whittling Knife

Do the blades lock into place?

The blades do not lock and you will need to use thumb protection when carving small slivers of wood.

Are there secondary bevels on the blades?


Does this cone with a case or strop?

No. The knife comes with some honing compound but no case or strop is included.

Where is this made?

The knife is made in Erie Pennsylvania.

Would this be suitable for a young carver?

This would be a great knife for a first carver of 11-14 years old. It’s quite sharp so make sure they’re safe!


The Flexcut Whittlin Jack is wicked sharp and it’s overall a beautiful knife. The design is simple and comfortable in your hand with the convenience of two knives in the size of a single one.

The folding design is convenient, and it’s solidly made with quality steel to last a while.

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