Top 3 Best Winter Work Boots Reviews in 2021

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Best Winter Work BootsIf you work in construction (or any outdoor job actually) chances are you have come across some horrid weather conditions in your day. If you’re anything like me, then you have probably make the mistake of being woefully underdressed for those conditions.

I imagine we have all had to endure terrible weather while not having the proper gear on to protect us from it. And maybe the worst experience I have ever had was being in frigid temperature with boots that were neither, insulated or waterproof. Talk about misery.

So, today I would like to do my part in the fight against cold feet (not the marrying kind). I am going to make sure that you will never have to endure the pain I put my feet through by not having the proper footwear for cold temperatures.

What you need to know

Just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean you need to have the highest rated insulation in your boots. The climate you work in clearly plays a role in how well you want your boots to be insulated. However, you also are going to want to take into consideration how much activity your job requires.

Also if you are in wet climates, make sure you get some boots that are water/snow proof. The last thing you want is wet feet in freezing temperatures.

Protection is a must for some jobs. If your job requires you have toe and ankle protection, look for composite toes or fiberglass ankle support. If you choose the steel option, you will feel like you have ice cycles in your boots.

Well, now that we have gone through some of the factors that you want to look for in winter boots, let’s get to some products that are sure to keep you comfortable in even the coldest of climates.

Best Winter Work Boots Reviews 2018

Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock

These Timberland boots are made for extreme cold weather. The offer excellent traction and waterproofing.

Timberland is a well-known brand, and for a good reason. Their products are extremely high quality, comfortable, and look very good on your feet. These boots are no different.

These are made for abnormally cold conditions with an insulation rating of 600 grams. For you, this means that your feet stay warm, even if you are only moderately active. It uses smart composite toe protection, so you don’t need to worry about steel transferring cold temperatures to your feet.

These are also waterproofing boots with a dual density cold weather outsole, so they stay dry and retain traction on those icy/snowy days.

Should you buy this boot?

If you are in wet or rainy environments consistently, this is a perfect boot to have on your feet. Not only will your feet remain toasty from the insulation but they will stay dry, and you won’t lose any traction. If you mostly live in a moderately cold climate, this insulation rating may be a little high causing your feet to get rather hot.

Timberland Pro Men’s Endurance Boot

These Timberland boots offer comfortable support in moderate cold temperatures. They also boast flexible steel plates.

Another Timberland product (do you see a trend yet) and this one are designed for cold and wet climates. The waterproofing of these boots are tremendous, if you find yourself in rainy climate during winter months, they are a must have.

Even at moderate temperatures (30 – 40 degrees) if your feet are wet you will be miserable. The blisters that form alone are enough to take those who have the highest of pain tolerance off of our feet.

These boots have a fiberglass shank for incredible support, all the while, keeping the cold temperatures out of your shoes and off of your feet.

Another huge plus to these Timberlands is the steel flex puncture-resistant plates and rubber backstay, giving you top-notch shock absorption and abrasion resistance equalling unparalleled underfoot protection.

Should you get these boots?

My intuition says these would be ideal for the cold and rainy winters, that is experienced in the Pacific Northwest. So if you live or work there, then yes. But I really do believe, that anybody who wants warm, dry, and puncture proof boots will do well by purchasing these.

Keen Utility Men’s Sheridan

These Keen work boots offer a removable thermal heat food bed and an insulation grading of 600 grams.

The Men’s Sheridan (though not Timberland) are one of the most popular winter work boots, and their popularity is well warranted. These boots have an insulation rating of 600 grams, meaning they are perfect for icy or snowy areas even if your work doesn’t require that you are constantly active.

The waterproofing fabric on this boot keeps your feet dry all throughout the day, again, making them perfect for icy or snowy areas. Plus they have maybe the greatest innovation in cold weather shoe history, a thermal heat removable footbed. Your feet will be warm forever in these boots.

Should you buy these boots?

I would say this boot is among the top rated winter work boots in the mind of most, so you will certainly be happy with them if you do choose to purchase them. If you live in areas where the coldest it ever gets is in the forties, well then these are really just overkill.

Wrap – Up

Having the best winter work boots is probably the most important aspect to remaining productive in the harsh climates that accompany the season. Either one of these will be quality purchases.

When choosing the boot that fits you best, remember to keep in mind climate and job activity. If you do that, you will have yourself a pair of work boots that will not disappoint.

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