These Are The Best Women’s Hiking Sandals in 2021

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Usually for all women summertime means outdoors time. And one activity that some like to enjoy during the summer months is hiking. But when walking in sweltering temperatures, you will quickly find yourself in a pool of sweat and filth. The biggest culprit in the category of filth and sweat is, you guessed it, our feet.

I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to many of you that our feet get the brunt of the blame when it comes to foul odors emanating from our bodies. The reason for this is thermal energy is carried from our feet more than any other body part.

This coupled with the way that a good pair of hiking boots will trap heat inside them (not to mention those thick boot socks you have to wear to prevent blisters) causing your feet to get abnormally hot (and sweaty) when you hike in the higher temperatures experienced during the summer months.

Best Women’s Hiking Sandals

The Answer

Our review about the best women’s hiking sandals is for all women. While it may be tempting just to give up hiking in the summer, there is an alternative route you can take. That alternate route is hiking sandals.

Now, these things aren’t going to be mini air conditioners on your feet, but they will help to regulate the heat so that you have a more pleasant experience than you otherwise would have when hiking in July and August.

A good pair of hiking sandals will give you everything you need in the comfort department, and while still maintaining the traction you need while trekking those trails.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the better options of hiking sandals for women. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Chaco Women’s Outcross Evo

This is a good balance between open sandal to let air flow and closed toes to allow some protection from protruding branches or the occasional stinging insects you find on trails.

They are made from polyester jacquard webbing and synthetic leather to offer your feet sufficient protection while having open sidewalls to maximize air flow. The midsole uses nylon shank to give stability as well as durability, and it utilizes something called barefoot construction with an instant comfort EVA layer. This means the foot inside this sandal will be comfortable and protected.

This Chaco sandal has what they call a love seat footbed, designed to give the wearer a comfortable place for their feet to rest all day. Plus they have a trademarked Aegis treated midsole to keep the sandals and feet from smelling (a positive for everyone).

Should you get this sandal?

I think this is an excellent choice for someone who is not comfortable wearing an open-toed shoe while they are hiking. If you are one of those people, this is a great product from a great brand, and you can be sure you’ll enjoy your purchase if you do choose this one.

Viakix Women’s Sport Sandals

The absolute first thing you will notice with these sandals is that they have your feet completely exposed. The downside to that is if you are clumsy and find yourself tripping over things often; then these offer zero protection for your feet.

The upside is they give you maximum airflow and breathability to your feet.

As you look at the sole of these sandals, you will quickly realize they offer you great traction. The webbing on the sandals are waterproof, so if your trail takes you through a creek or two, your feet won’t suffer the consequences of having wet shoes with poor traction.

I think the best feature these sandals have to offer is their price point. They are an excellent buy for the money.

Should you purchase these?

The Viakix don’t look like they would be very sturdy or offer much protection at first glance. But they are made for hiking so do not let that sway you; they are sturdy enough and durable enough to warrant a look at. However, if you don’t like the open toe design of the shoe I wouldn’t fault you for wanting to pass on these.

Merrell Women’s Vesper Convertible

The sandal we’ll take a look at today is the Vesper Convertible, and the name tells you all you need to know. These shoes are made for going from regular daytime errands to trekking trails or barbecuing at the camp site.

They have a removable back strap to allow for a sleeker look when at the grocery store, but still maintain the quality expected in an outdoor shoe when the strap is attached.

The best aspect of these? They are only 12 ounces; you will almost forget you even have a pair of sandals on.

The outsoles have an M-Select grip (Merrell’s patented grip) to give high durability and non-slip traction over all terrain, whether wet or dry. The sole is pretty thick as well, so these sandals have excellent shock absorption technology.

Should you purchase these sandals?

The convertibility of the Merrell sandals makes these worth taking a look at. If you’re like me, you will never be caught wearing hiking sandals anywhere outside of the trails, but even in that case, they are viable hiking sandals that deserve a look to be sure.

Wrap – Up

Hiking is a very demanding sport (and yes it is a sport) as with any sport, your feet must be taken care of if you want to be able to enjoy it. Sandals are a great way to allow your feet to breathe, while still maintaining an adequate amount of support and traction.

If you would like my opinion on which sandals are best on this list, I would recommend the Chaco’s. I don’t know; I just feel like the open frame with closed toes is a little more comfortable. I hope you liked our best women’s hiking sandals review.


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