Do It Yourself

Getting news and information when the SHTF is critical. Things could be going seriously wrong and you may not have an idea in you are not getting any news. There is a good chance the infrastructure will be in trouble and your reality TV shows won’t be streaming on the tube. The cable will be [...]

Purified water is one of the most important survival necessities. That doesn’t just mean water which has been made clear, because water can be clear but still unclean. If you’re looking for a ready-to-use filtration system, check out my pick at Amazon. The things that make water unsafe to drink aren’t so much the things [...]

Trapping is a traditional way to catch game and should be part of your survival strategy. They are all pretty simple to set up but each has their little quirks, advantages, and disadvantages.   You should set up several traps in different locations that you check regularly. Look for locations that show signs of animals, [...]

This project was born from a camping with my better half and a group of friends. These friends are not of our prepper mindset and as such had no way to recharge their phones, batteries or run any kind of device that required power. If you’re interested in a done-for-you option check out my favorite [...]

After a long hard day trekking through the woods or along your favorite trail, nothing is more enjoyable than sitting by the fire sipping a hot drink and reminiscing about the day’s events. Exhausted yet satisfied you bid your companions good night roll out your sleeping bag a get some sleep. Or you would if [...]

These are the best road bike helmets in the world of cycling, there are many different types of cycling, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are many different types of cycling helmets as well. Some helmets are meant for mountain biking, others are meant for recreation. Today we are going [...]

What if there was no food in the grocery store? What if you couldn’t afford fuel? What if everything was too expensive to buy? Would you be able survive on your own, or would you be standing in line waiting for a portion of food with a bunch of other hungry people who are the [...]

You may not see a disaster in your near future, and chances are you would rather avoid preparing for something until you really have to. This is understandable because it can be mentally straining to think about the worst that could happen in life. However, when a disaster occurs, you are not going to have [...]

Picking a good backpacking knife can be very difficult with so many to choose from. The Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 Drop-Point is simply the best pocket knife released this year. It will suit all your pocket knife needs, and it may even offer you a few features that you did not originally anticipate. It [...]

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