Do It Yourself

In this list we have 20 statistics, facts and figures taken from some of the top US government official websites. We wanted to provide a quick-fire overview of how the US is doing in terms of debt, poverty, homelessness, immigration and all of those topics that are close to our hearts as preppers and survivalists. [...]

Candles are more than just a nice way to make the evening feel romantic.  In many ways, candles are essential to our well being during the dark hours of winter. And making your own candles can be a great way to cut costs, become more prepared, and fill your time with a fun and rewarding [...]

You can’t drink that crystal clear water! I know we’ve all hiked by a pristine lake, river, or stream and thought, “Boy, that water looks pure! I bet it tastes great!” That water may have a couple really nasty micro-organisms that will make you very sick. Those organisms may be: Protozoa like Cryptosporidium or Giardia. [...]

Let’s say you found yourself out in the woods and you need water. You don’t have any way to purify water from the nearby stream. (Read about ways to purify water here.) No filters. No iodine tablets. Nothing. But you do have a way to start a fire. That means you can boil your water… You [...]

Picking a good backpacking knife can be very difficult with so many to choose from. The Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 Drop-Point is simply the best pocket knife released this year. It will suit all your pocket knife needs, and it may even offer you a few features that you did not originally anticipate. It [...]

Despite the term “opsec” (operation security)  being a military term, it is also important for preppers. Not just as something to be aware of, but a rule to live by. When TSHTF you don’t want every neighbour, friend and family member turning up at your door looking for a handout. Sure, share your preps with [...]

These are the best road bike helmets in the world of cycling, there are many different types of cycling, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are many different types of cycling helmets as well. Some helmets are meant for mountain biking, others are meant for recreation. Today we are going [...]

After a long hard day trekking through the woods or along your favorite trail, nothing is more enjoyable than sitting by the fire sipping a hot drink and reminiscing about the day’s events. Exhausted yet satisfied you bid your companions good night roll out your sleeping bag a get some sleep. Or you would if [...]

Soda cans  are everywhere which is a little sad when you see trash out in the wilderness. However, as a prepper, maybe we can turn that into  a silver lining… It turns out that a simple soda can (or a “Coke” can, as  we say down here in the South!) can be super useful in [...]

Bannock is a type of unleavened bread which has been a staple of nomadic people, bushcrafters and hunters for hundreds of years. Recently whilst flicking through my copy of Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski, I came across page 68, which is his recipe for making bannock in the backcountry Mors Kochanski is a bushcraft and wilderness [...]

One of my hobbies includes backpacking, more specifically I lean towards the lightweight or ‘super’ lightweight side of the spectrum. Basically I complete log distance trails and thru-hikes, whilst carry the least amount of weight in my pack. Throughout my journey, I have made lots of my own gear, primarily due to the high cost [...]

A couple of years ago I got a vacuum sealer as a gift for Christmas. It seemed nice but I wasn’t blown away. The basic function of a vacuum sealer is to remove most of the air from a plastic bag that contains the target item, then seal the bag. The bag has to be [...]

So you’ve got your bug out bag or BOB, you’ve squared away your EDC or Every Day Carry and you’ve packed your INCH bag (I’m Not Coming Home)… Did you know there is another pack that is just as, if not MORE important? One that you absolutely must have in your home that I bet [...]

Flood Survival Tips

With the recent flooding in Texas, this natural disaster is in the forefront of our minds. It can strike almost any region. Floods often strike after a lot of ongoing rain – that’s no surprise. However, flash floods occur fast and can overtake large interstates with little warning. It may not even be raining where [...]

One of the biggest concerns facing us today is the risk we collectively face of a collapse of the dollar. If the dollar were to suddenly lose its value on an international basis, our economy would crash, bringing financial hardship to pretty much everyone. We would see unemployment topping 25%, along with skyrocketing inflation making [...]

101 Paracord Projects

There are hundreds of cool paracord projects floating around the prepper and survival community. We’ve pulled together 101 of our favorite 550 paracord projects for you to get stuck into. There really is something for everyone in this article. Whether you’re looking for lanyards or belts, survival bracelets or a keychain, heck we even have [...]

What if there was no food in the grocery store? What if you couldn’t afford fuel? What if everything was too expensive to buy? Would you be able survive on your own, or would you be standing in line waiting for a portion of food with a bunch of other hungry people who are the [...]

There are many ways to start a fire in the wilderness. The bow drill, cattails, cotton balls smothered in vaseline. The list is endless, however none of these are quite as easy as what I am about to show you today. In this article we will take a look at how to make miniature fire [...]

You may have noticed that Frank Mitchell is a pen name used by a man who wants to protect his identify, but the person behind the name is the same guy who created the “Family Survival System“, and it is obvious that he has enough experience and knowledge to not only create a system for [...]

It is a fact that flying is safer than driving. But there is something unnerving about to board a metal tube and flying at 35,000 feet. Plane crashes do happen, and they can crash in very remote places. If you are lucky then you may experience a successful crash landing like the one in the [...]

When it comes to survival skills, being prepared may not be enough when push comes to shove. Before a disaster or crisis happens, you should develop your skills to ensure that you will know exactly how you are going to handle the situation when it comes down to it. Following are four ways to develop [...]

Having the means and the ability to create fire in a survival situation is important. Having the knowledge of how to cook on the campfire can go a long way to keeping yourself and your family happy when times get tough…or even if they don’t. These 14 utterly cool campfire recipes are designed to be easy to [...]

You may not see a disaster in your near future, and chances are you would rather avoid preparing for something until you really have to. This is understandable because it can be mentally straining to think about the worst that could happen in life. However, when a disaster occurs, you are not going to have [...]

Getting news and information when the SHTF is critical. Things could be going seriously wrong and you may not have an idea in you are not getting any news. There is a good chance the infrastructure will be in trouble and your reality TV shows won’t be streaming on the tube. The cable will be [...]

Purified water is one of the most important survival necessities. That doesn’t just mean water which has been made clear, because water can be clear but still unclean. If you’re looking for a ready-to-use filtration system, check out my pick at Amazon. The things that make water unsafe to drink aren’t so much the things [...]

Trapping is a traditional way to catch game and should be part of your survival strategy. They are all pretty simple to set up but each has their little quirks, advantages, and disadvantages.   You should set up several traps in different locations that you check regularly. Look for locations that show signs of animals, [...]

This project was born from a camping with my better half and a group of friends. These friends are not of our prepper mindset and as such had no way to recharge their phones, batteries or run any kind of device that required power. If you’re interested in a done-for-you option check out my favorite [...]

In a do or die situation, sometimes you just have to improvise.By using whats in and around you person and your home, you can stand and protect what’s yours.Here we have a kickass selection of homemade weapons that you can throw together on a budget. Most of them can be made from items lying around [...]

If you’re into survival gadgets, then no doubt you’ve seen the Paracord Bracelet. A simple product with a multitude of uses. [thrive_highlight highlight=’default’ text=’light’]Check out our massive list of 101 Paracord Projects.[/thrive_highlight] Chances are you may have bought one from Ebay or Amazon, the trouble is these are generally crappy quality and just don’t fit [...]

Survival is about a lot of things, but having food and making sure you can keep finding food in the event of prolonged survival situations is critical. You could be as macho as Han Solo on Hoth, but you’ll still need some know-how in order to survive. Luckily, these tips don’t involve slicing open a [...]

Making your own arrows, called fletching, can be a difficult yet rewarding task. Now you have a few ways to go about this, like buying a lot of the materials at the store. But if you’re in an emergency situation, say your safe house is going to be surrounded by zombies, and then you don’t exactly have time to run into town to buy or loot arrows or the parts to make them.