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What if there was no food in the grocery store? What if you couldn’t afford fuel? What if everything was too expensive to buy? Would you be able survive on your own, or would you be standing in line waiting for a portion of food with a bunch of other hungry people who are the verge of losing it? The Family Survival System by Frank Mitchell helps you to get ready for this type of disaster so that you can not only survive, but thrive during the crisis.

Who Is Frank Mitchell?

He is a military officer who holds over 60 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) certifications, which means he has been trained on everything that can happen during a crisis, and he knows how to respond to disaster in order to survive.

He knows that many people think they are prepared for a crisis, but they are actually not. He clearly states that when people think they are prepared, it gives them a false sense of security that can be very dangerous to their survival when a crisis actually occurs.

Not only does he have the knowledge about how to survive, but he has spent weeks in the wilderness surviving on the techniques that he teaches in the Family Survival System. In addition, he has trained in Tae Kwon Do and is a personal defense expert.

What You Will Learn In The Family Survival System

First and foremost, you will learn how to be prepared for a disaster so that you can survive. Frank claims that other guides do not teach you how to really survive a crisis. In fact, he states that learning what the homeland security website (a popular resource) teaches you will prepare you for a storm, at most.

This system goes beyond a storm and teaches you how to survive a hurricane, home invasion, food shortage, power crisis, and much more.

No matter what the crisis is, you will learn how to survive on your own, without heading to a camp that forces you to become dependent on others or compete with tens of thousands of other people for resources. Surviving on your own with your own resources will ensure that you do not have to defend yourself for the necessities such as food and water.

The system allows you to take control of your own destiny and be confident knowing that you have a plan in place instead of living in fear and wondering how you will fare when a crisis does occur.

A few of the things you will learn are:

  • How to constantly have drinking water around, no matter what.
  • How to always have a hot meal even if the grid goes down.
  • Life saving techniques.
  • Information about stockpiles and what you really need.
  • How to use your information to trade for needed supplies.
  • Where the safest place during a crisis is, and whether you should stay or go.
  • How to make your home a bunker if you need to, without buying thousands of dollars of equipment.
  • What to do when you are away from home when a crisis occurs


Why You Need To Read The Family Survival System NOW

If you think that you have time to learn these techniques, and you put off reading about this system, then you are risking your life and the life of your family. What if something happens tomorrow, next week, or next month, and you are clueless as to how to survive?

The system teaches you how to survive so that you know exactly what to do when the time comes, whether it comes today or next year. There is no other time than right now to read it, and if you truly care about your survival then you have to accept this fact.

Pros Of The Family Survival System

Following are just a few of the pros of understanding this system.

  • You will learn what the true risks are in America right now and signs to watch for.
  • Gain the knowledge that will keep you and your family safe no matter when a crisis occurs.
  • Gain confidence in your future.
  • It is a step by step system that doesn’t leave anything uncovered.
  • Become a leader that people look to for protection and guidance.
  • You will know where to go, and if you should go anywhere, during a crisis.
  • Survive a disaster.
  • Learn how to stay plugged into what is going on instead of living in ignorance during a crisis.

Cons of The Family Survival System

The only con is that you are going to have to face reality and admit that a crisis could be coming. This is hard to admit because it provokes a small amount of fear and anxiety; however, information is power, and once you learn the system that will keep you alive and secure during a crisis, the fear goes away and is replaced by comfort.

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What Are You Waiting For?

There are some things in life that you just need to read, and this system is one of them. I haven’t even scratched the surface of knowledge you will gain from this system. If the shoe drops, and you need to protect yourself and your family, this information is going to be priceless.

Don’t wait for something to happen. Learn the Family Survival System that Frank teaches right now and be informed about what to do. This will give you an edge over thousands of other people who fight to survive during a time of crisis.

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