Trapping is a traditional way to catch game and should be part of your survival strategy. They are all pretty simple to set up but each has their little quirks, advantages, and disadvantages.   You should set up several traps in different locations that you check regularly. Look for locations that show signs of animals, [...]

There are some incredible benefits to backpacking, but none are greater than the amazing views that you get to see when you get deep into the wilderness. From star and moonlit mountain peaks to high elevations with picture perfect views of the world around us. It is safe to say that these are the moments [...]

Hiking is a fun way to explore new territory, enjoy the outdoors, and get some exercise. But when you hike you will be expending a lot of energy, especially if you go to areas with a higher difficulty of terrain. If you want to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients to stay energized [...]

A solid food stash. It’s one of those things that’s better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Because the truth is, we just don’t know. My buddies up in Buffalo had no idea a blizzard would hit so bad that a 5 foot wall of snow would stop them from [...]

Hopefully your garden was productive this year, and if so, you probably have a big surplus of veggies. With so many vegetables around at one time, it’s unlikely that you’ll be eating them all before they go bad. But there are ways to make those perishable foods last well into the winter. All it takes [...]

Survival Food List

We are often bombarded with news about disasters constantly reminding us that unprecedented events in the name of – tough economic times; natural calamities; drastic weather changes – can happen. If you’re strapped for time, check out my favorite 5-Day Food Supply Survival Kit at Amazon. Well, here’s the big question “Are we adequately prepared [...]

Whether you raise chickens and/or turkeys, or hunt a lot, chances are, there are times when you just have too much meat or too many eggs to use before they go bad. While it may feel good to have that freezer stocked full, imagine the feeling you’ll get when your freezer is full of more [...]

Recently I published an article on a great little backpacking stove made from a cat food can. That tip came from my experience in lightweight backpacking, an area I follow closely and am very active in. In this article, I am going to show you how I cook on the trail. It involved a little [...]