Frank Mitchell: Can The Man Behind The Name Really Help You Survive?

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You may have noticed that Frank Mitchell is a pen name used by a man who wants to protect his identify, but the person behind the name is the same guy who created the “Family Survival System“, and it is obvious that he has enough experience and knowledge to not only create a system for others to follow, but to be a true leader for others when the nation goes into crisis mode.

Frank Mitchell Is A Member Of The US Armed Forces

Survival training is a huge part of being in the Armed Forces. In fact, it would be completely counterproductive to not train the military in survival techniques. Anyone who has been a part of the army, navy, and air force will have the skills needed to survive extreme conditions and situations.

You and I have not been trained in disaster and survival, and the only way to gain that knowledge is through experience it firsthand or listening to someone who has experienced it. This is why Frank Mitchell is someone who you have to listen to in order to move past the ‘theories’ of how to survive. His promise is that he can show you how to keep your family healthy, happy and safe during any crisis.

He Has His Eyes Wide Open

There are many people who go through life with their eyes shut. They don’t look past their front door, and they believe that anything beyond their front door does not affect their life. These are the people who will likely die first during a crisis because they will be shocked, in fear, and completely unprepared for anything but their comfy routine.

Frank Mitchell knows that he cannot go through life unaware of how much danger this nation is really in, and he wants to open as many eyes as he can, no matter how shocking the information he has may be.

What makes him so sure? Well here are a few signs that led him to create the Family Survival System.

  • The economy is in the worst place it has even been.
  • The global credit rating was downgraded to ‘standard and poor’ for the first time ever.
  • Financial collapse is creeping closer as the trillion dollar debt grows bigger.
  • Economists, such as Peter Schiff, are predicting a financial collapse.

The implications of these issues is disastrous, and once you become aware of what could happen, you will be facing a stressful future if you don’t take action to protect yourself and survive. As a family man himself, he doesn’t want you to have to face the crisis unprepared.

Frank Mitchell Has A Blueprint For Success

Because he has the knowledge about what could happen and what it takes to survive, as well as the survival skills to back up his knowledge, his step-by-step blueprint reflects that knowledge and experience, and it is priceless. Other sites have ‘tips and tricks’ to help you survive, whereas he has systematically laid out the steps you need to take in order to be prepared and avoid the camps and relief centers.

Click Here To Visit The Official Family Survival System Website

This blueprint is something anyone can use to ensure they are prepared for a crisis. The system includes how to survive many likely scenarios such as natural disasters, food shortages, and power outages. All you have to do is follow the blueprint and become the survival specialist you need to be in order to stay safe, happy and healthy.

In conclusion, Frank Mitchell is a man who can help you prepare for a crisis, no matter what his real name is. The man behind the name has experience, knowledge, and a blueprint for success that you need in order to survive what is coming.

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