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This post is about the best mountain bike tires available. Mountain biking has got to be one of the dodgiest sports out there, in a good way! The concept is simple enough and comes straight from our childhood days. Grab a bike, find a steep hill, and race you to the bottom! Granted the more [...]

We live for the thrill of the hunt. It probably has something to do with our nature, something of the old days that still sticks with us. The one thing that ruins the thrill of the hunt? That awkward panic and desperation that comes with the confusion of being lost so try the best hunting [...]

If you have been on backpacking trips where you cover multiple seasons, various altitudes, or even worse, multiple seasons and altitudes; then you know that you need the best down jackets and the lightweight warming layers are an absolute must to carry with you. There are several different types of warming layers, and they all [...]

I’m not sure that I have ever enjoyed myself more than I do when I am with friends and family at our camp grounds. The togetherness that you feel with people when you’re in the wilderness with no distractions, (doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company while drinking and eating like pigs), is as good [...]

This post is about the best lightweight hiking shoes. It seems that ever since the beginning of recreational trail hiking, it has been somewhat of a rule that you must always wear hiking boots. It makes sense, you want the added ankle support you will get from high boots. Plus boots keep your feet dry [...]

Best Crampons For Ice We’ve all seen that epic scene from a movie where a lone hiker is bravely scaling a frozen waterfall. His feet inevitably slip and he’s lift dangling and clinging to his ice axe as a series of other epic events happen and he finally wins the day, kisses the girl, and [...]

Look, if you’re at all in tune to the fitness world you’ve probably at least heard of CrossFit by this point. If you’ve ever actually done CrossFit, then you also know CrossFit is no joke. Let’s take weights, running, jumping, climbing, and all sorts of torturous moves, mix them together with high intensity, short duration, [...]

The best bike chain lube will help you avoid every bikers worst dream. Even from our early years of riding our childhood bikes through the neighborhood we remember the disastrous pop and clunk associated with a busted bike chain usually followed by a long push home. Even then it was obvious, a bad chain leads [...]

Biking can be an incredibly fun sport/hobby to take up, at but it can also be an expensive endeavor. If you do a lot of riding you can expect to need to do a significant amount of maintenance on your bike as well. So we want to present you the best bike repair stands. Anyone [...]

What’s better than nights under the stars, days on the trail, and summiting mountains to well-earned vistas? Experiencing the trail, mountains, and nature with someone using the best 2 person sleeping bag!  Getting outdoors can do wonders for the introverted soul and contemplative loner, but adventuring can, and often should, be shared as well, and [...]

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