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I know some people who backpack tentless. They look at the weather forecast, determine the likelihood of rain and then set off into the wilds with basic gear, food, and a mat. When night falls, they roll out the mat and sleep with nothing between them and the stars but air. Not me. Just the thought [...]

If you have been out at a lake or a river than you have no doubt seen some people kayaking. And if you have seen people kayaking then you have no doubt thought about trying it out for yourself. I’m with you. It is a fun and unique way to get out and enjoy the [...]

The Best GPS for Hiking I admit there’s a thrill in getting a little lost. Note I said “a little.” Realizing on mile 10 that I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be? Not a happy camper. To avoid becoming a tragic headline, you need the best GPS for hiking. And yes, I know you [...]

Best Cold Weather Sleeping bag You’ve done it! You scaled the mountain, you trekked until your legs wanted to fall off, you’ve filtered water, stewed your dinner over an open fire by moonlight, crawled into your tent at the end of a long day in the wilderness, and what happens? An unexpected temperature drop leaves [...]

Usually for all women summertime means outdoors time. And one activity that some like to enjoy during the summer months is hiking. But when walking in sweltering temperatures, you will quickly find yourself in a pool of sweat and filth. The biggest culprit in the category of filth and sweat is, you guessed it, our [...]

Hiking is one of the most basic forms of entertainment (all it requires is ground to walk on and feet to walk with), but not all terrains can be hiked/backpacked without extra equipment. Take, for instance, mountainous terrain during the winter months and everyone wants the best snowshoes for beginners. Walking snowy terrain is know [...]

When you are outdoors whether it is camping or hiking, water purification is an essential element that should not be overlooked. Not all water sources are safe, even if the water looks crystal clear and clean, it may still contain contaminants that may make you sick if they are ingested. When you are deciding on [...]

When you pick a ski jacket there are several different variables to factor in. Where do I spend most of my ski time? How much waterproofing do I need? What is my preferred style? And of course, what is the price range I am looking to stay in? If you’re curious to check out my [...]

Whether it’s the workweek that’s worn you down, the constant drain of the city, or maybe the mountain paths are just irresistibly calling…  It’s time to get away, mount up, and tear into the trail. Check out my all-time-favorite Hardtrail Mountain Bike at Amazon. Mountain biking provides us with thrills and spills few other sports [...]

The last several years have seen a boom in the relatively new sport of stand up paddleboarding (SUP Boarding). Now, it should not come as much of a surprise that this sport is becoming so popular. If you don’t have time to hang around, check out my favorite inflatable paddle board at Amazon. Paddle boarding [...]

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