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Pretty Plantar Pain Fixer I’ve suffered with foot, knee, hip and back pain and while I hate to admit the fact that I’m in my thirties and wearing orthotic shoes – the pain has won. Looking for shoes that don’t look like my grandmother wears them has been interesting and finding the Orthaheel Tide Slides, [...]

Merrell’s have been my hiking boot of choice for many years. I live right off the AT and love them so these are no exception. If you’re in a hurry to check them out, click here to see my favorite Merrell hiking boots at Amazon. I spend a lot of time on the trails and [...]

Best Tactical Pants for Everyday Use – Vertx Men’s Original Tactical Pants Best tactical pants are great for the get up and go kind of individuals in the world today. They are durable so they are great for use in any situation. If you don’t have time to hang around right now, click here to check [...]

While you might love the outdoors, literally sleeping next to Mother Nature on the ground isn’t pleasant. A cot allows you to stay suspended comfortably above the ground without having to pack a whole bed, or air mattress. The best camping cot needs to give you a good night’s rest, but what else should it [...]

The Flexcut Whittlin Jack is best whittling knife, great little knife which has a clever design. I’ve never whittled before but had heard it can be calming so I wanted to give it a try. I’m very creative by nature and I liked the idea of a folding blade knife for safety reasons. If you’re [...]

In the event of a catastrophe, it may become very hard to travel to the nearest emergency center, or for them to travel to you. It is important to have an emergency preparedness kit so that you can take care of yourself when a disaster occurs or is about to occur. However, the kit has [...]

Light and surprisingly easy to use Having been a photographer for decades I’ve seen cameras change, and the weight of a hefty DSLR isn’t pleasant and I’ve been looking to go mirrorless for a while. If you’re in a hurry, check out my favorite Full Frame Mirrorless Camera at Amazon. Best Full Frame Mirrorless Camera – [...]

Bivy sacks are collapsible sacks that replace a single person tent in inclement weather. Bivy sacks are a must have for the outdoorsman who may find themselves in cold conditions, sometimes without a tent. They are also great if you want to carry less weight with you when you head out on an overnight adventure. [...]

Expensive but practically bomb proof! Yeti gets a lot of flack for being expensive but the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and when it comes to this cooler it’s so true. We have a stack of grocery store coolers outside and no one wants them. When it comes to a Yeti cooler [...]

Whether camping, hiking, fishing or doing any kind of outdoor activity, it is hard to say when an accident or mishap may occur. When these things happen, it is always a good thing to be prepared. EDC, or everyday carry first aid kits are small, light weight kits designed with the intent that they can [...]

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